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The Team management subteam is responsible for running, organizing and coordinating the team while keeping track of the whole picture.


[edit] Members

[edit] Responsibilities

Ensure that nothing gets left behind, that we have meetings, that we maintain communications, that teams are well staffed. Handle problems and complaints from outside.

  • Team handling
    • Long-term Planning
    • Deadlines
    • Coordination
    • Communication
    • Meetings
      • Announces
      • Agenda
      • Minutes
  • Contact with the Global Team
    • Communicating expectations back-and-forth
    • Relaying informations back-and-forth, to and from DC13 subteams
    • Presence at Global Team meetings
  • Press contact (outside communication, annoucement
  • Coordinating the organisation of the DebianDay
  • Managing the Final Report writing

[edit] Schedule of the work

(Short description of when the work has to be done)

[edit] Needed resources

(Necessary resources, as well human as financial or technical)

[edit] Connections with other subteams

(How does this team interact with others: what are his expectations and what will it provide to other teams.)

[edit] Connections to the DebConf global team

(In which areas do you have to work together with (subteams of) the DebConf global team.)

[edit] Team updates sent

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