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This page is about organizing the annual Debian conference 'DebConf' in Switzerland in 2013, now a reality.

[edit] The Formal Bid

[edit] Organisation

[edit] The Team

See the prospective Local Team list.

[edit] Mailing List

We use the list. That list has as subscriber.

[edit] IRC channel

Currently, we are (rarely) hijacking the channel.

[edit] Meetings

Given the size of Switzerland, we decided to have most meetings "In Real Life" as it greatly eases communication.

Don't add more meetings here, they have moved to the DebConf13 Meetings namespace.

[edit] Potential venues

During our decision process, we took a look at the following potential venues:

[edit] See also

Presentation at Debconf11 (Banja Luka): DebConf 13 in Switzerland

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