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[edit] Location

Theaterplatz 2, 3011 Bern, Adrianos Meetingroom Time: 1845 - 2145 (trains leave around 2200)

[edit] Attendees list

  • Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz), in Bern
  • Giacomo Catenazzi (cate)
  • Luca Capello (gismo)
  • Didier Raboud (OdyX)
  • Axel Beckert (XTaran)

[edit] Short updates

[edit] Documents storage / git

Everyone around the table has access to both the public and private git repositories.

[edit] ToDo items from last meeting - short status

  • Fiesch was unsuccessfully contacted by gismo.

[edit] Venues

[edit] Zurich

Q: Should we consider Zurich as a possible venue?

Discussion outcome: good accomodation is difficult to find; all the three current options (two bunkers and a hotel) taken into account sum up to what Vaumarcus provides. Meals might be cheaper than Vaumarcus (summing ~ 25 €) though.

Conclusion of the meeting's attendees: Zürich is to be kept as a backup, as much as Geneva, but there is a clear need of someone stepping in as responsible for Zürich, including presence at physical meetings.

[edit] Fiesch

Q: Contact? Should we still consider Fiesch?

Contact was unsuccessful so far; gismo re-contacts Fiesch, by phone.

[edit] Venue visits

[edit] Vaumarcus

About the visit, see summary mail and [DebConf13/Switzerland/Vaumarcus Vaumarcus' location checklist] (to be completed more).

The remaining problems are:

  • accomodation capabilities might be limiting if the attendance to DC13 is high
  • internet connectivitiy is not sufficient currently, although the responsible of the venues intends and wants to provide better connectivity.

[edit] Geneva

The bunkers have been visited: they are standard bunkers, 3-beds high, underground' buried. Pictures are available on the public git.

It's to be noted that the 2012 RMLL will be organized in Geneva; we should contact them.

[edit] Varia

[edit] Expected attendee count

  • see data from previous debconf
    • attendees in Banja Luka: attendees who really arrived by day
    • about 10% professional or corporate
    • about 2/3 needed accomodation in Banja Luka, less in New York (the remaining 1/3 handles accomodation themselves)
    • about 1/3 attends debcamp in some form, basically everyone at debcamp is sponsored
    • average of 67 persons at debcamp in banja luka (from 44 the first day up to 182 the last day)
    • average of 306 persons during debconf in banja luka (217 with debconf provided accomodation); maximum was around 327 persons present during the same day
    • average of 195 during the whole 15 days (145 with debconf provided accomodation)
    • this means for vaumarcus: accommodation: 195 persons * 22 Fr. * 15 days = 64350, food: 195 * (40) * 15 = 117000, total: 181350

We should keep in mind that acccomodation might be a problem if "too many" people show up. Numbers are hard to get accurate view on given that not everyone registers, etc.

[edit] Venues conclusion

  • Did a venue turn out to not be suited to our needs?

The priority list stays the same:

  • First option is Vaumarcus
  • Backup options are Geneva and Zurich.

It is obviously possible in Vaumarcus, although with some solveable issues.

[edit] Document presenting the bid for external persons (venue, sponsors, ...)

[edit] Possible sponsors

[edit] Brainstorming

  • Money
    • FLOSS-friendly companies
      • Google
      • Credativ
      • LiiP
      • /
      • Puzzle
      • Namics
      • IBM
      • Hostpoint
      • Day (now Adobe)
      • Switch
      • Brack, maybe also digitec
      • SF (TV)
    • States:
      • Canton de Vaud
      • Canton de Neuchâtel
      • City of Lausanne
    • Universities / Research facilities / Education
      • EPFL
      • ETHZ
      • CERN
      • HE ARC
    • Banks
      • Crédit Suisse
      • UBS
      • ZKB
      • all where we have contacts to the IT dept.
    • FLOSS communities
      • GULL
      • /ch/open
      • LUGS
      • Ubuntu Local Team Swiss
    • Debian consultants in Switzerland
  • Hardware
    • HP
    • IRILL
    • Swiss "hardware" manufacturers (from list, from Debian's list)
  • Connectivity (+ ev. money)
    • Init7
    • Swisscom
    • Dolphins
    • … other ISPs (some already use Debian)
    • SixxS

[edit] TODO list

  • madduck (to be contacted)
    • Budget preparation
    • Sponsoring !? (to be discussed with him)
  • gaudenz
    • Nice bid preparation ("Swiss" part, "Venue" parts, answering the LocationCheckList in a nicer way); on the wiki; with OdyX helping
  • XTaran
    • Gets in contact with Swisscom' and Init7 guys to investigate the various networking options: "wireless point-to-point", adhoc fiber

[edit] Next meeting

  • 05. December 2011, 18h45
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