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[edit] Lausanne

In Lausanne: OdyX

[edit] Lausanne Tourism

Throw-out abstract of the phone call held on 2011-08-25 between OdyX and a representative from Lausanne Tourism:

  • City Lausanne and/or canton Vaud could sponsor (amount being from 10 kCHF to 40 kCHF at most) the event given a nice enough presentation document (highlighting what DebConf can bring to Lausanne / Vaud, …)
  • Hosting seems possible, but it will be difficult to avoid splitting the crowd in 3-4 hotels.
  • End-july to August is good for "normal hotels" that are rather empty at that time.
  • The problem with the "cheap" target is that they are not empty around those times.
  • Most probable venue would be Beaulieu. EPFL and/or UNIL would be possible and reasonably easy too. École Hôtelière de Lausanne would be possible too.
  • Main problem for most available venues is the "we block the conference rooms for two weeks", which comes out expensive.
  • … (other stuff I don't remember or can't write down publically.)
[edit] EPFL

Although the EPFL is currently building a Conference Center, OdyX has been told that it would not be ready for DebConf13.

[edit] Plus
  • Great situation
[edit] Minus
  • Hosting
    • sounds like a nightmare outside of EPFL
    • Would be expensive at EPFL's facilities: Starling Hotel is 4-stars, with Swiss prices. Discount is possible though.
[edit] FOSS4G

Just mentioning Lausanne because the FOSS4G conference was organised over there a few years ago. Some parts of this event could probably be easily recycled. Venue was EPFL/UNIL.

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