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Location: Neubrückstrasse 55, 3012 Bern, at Kevin Mueller's place,

Time: 1900 - 2145 (trains leave around 2200)

Connections: Zürich ab: 1802, Geneva dep.: 1710, Lausanne dep. 1745


[edit] Agenda / Minutes

[edit] Greeting, newcomers

No newcomers for today, although Xavier Oswald manifested interest on the mailing list, he'll be there for next meeting.

[edit] ToDo items from last meeting - short status

  • gismo
  • cate
    • Does the mailing lists dance (subscribe .ch to
      • Done. with help of Gaudenz, it's now working.
  • Michele
    • contacts Vaumarcus.
      • Done.
  • Gaudenz
    • Contacts Lenk
      • Not done, as it's probably not suitable (as gathered from the website).
    • Contacts Fiesch
      • Would be suitable, but not contacted yet. To be contacted though.
      • Big dormitories, more than 1k places, hotels around
      • Not clear from the website if they have 'big enough' talk rooms.
    • handles responsability for drafting an initial rough budget.
      • Not done yet.

[edit] Venue

  • Data point: we need wheelchar accessibility.

[edit] Lausanne

  • OdyX contacted UNIL+EPFL with a nice mail explaining what Deb{Conf,ian} is and asking for informations. What was answered is "best dates is during vacations"; which we already new.
    • Opinion: Good backup plan but probably too hard for hosting and catering.
      • University campus is nice for talk rooms and hackerspaces but bad for hosting.
      • City is expensive for talk rooms and hackerspaces but good (~better) for hosting.

[edit] Geneva

  • Michele got a concrete offer (PDF available on the private space), at UniMail.
    • Princing is negotiable and already affordable.
    • Current distances to potential hosting places is 10 minutes on bus (½ hour walking).
    • The professor from UNI must advocate issue is on good paths, probably not a problem.
    • There is a wide range of options for hosting, including Civil Protection bunkers, Youth Hostel, various hostels, university dormitories, etc.
  • Data point: there are people in Geneva preparing the RMLL 2012, probably at Palexpo, hosting 3k persons also "cheap".
    • OdyX will provide the names to Michele for interactions seeking.
  • No news about CERN for now; is further though.
  • Opinion: Can be good if we accept to host guests in Civil Protection bunkers.

[edit] Zurich

  • 'cate'
  • Zurich gives 15.- per person for any conference.
    • For the offer to be given back, they need an exact date for the conference.
  • ETHZ was contacted without much success.
    • not much more new for now.
  • Opinion: Well yes why not, but not far enough to decide. That plus cost issues.

[edit] Vaumarcus

  • Michele
    • Contacted "Le camp"
    • Looks nice: accomodation place is more-or-less the size we need, travel is reasonably easy:
      • 1h37 from Geneva-Airport to Concise-La Rochelle
      • 2h59 from Zürich-Airport to Concise-La Rochelle.
    • Everything in one place, awesome place, near nature, …
    • Camping places would be possible around.
  • Opinion: top-3, obviously.

[edit] Melchtal

  • gismo
    • Max: 600 persons
    • Catering-House: 150.- CHF per day (food is to be prepared by us).
    • Talk rooms & hacklabs: in the MainHaus and SeminarStube.
    • Good accessibility in bus (just besides)
    • Further away from Geneva, more expensiver than Vaumarcus.

[edit] Fiesch

  • Gaudenz
    • There is a specific train station.
    • In the Valliser mountains, so great place to be and to go.
    • Not contacted yet.
    • Prices are ~similar to Melchtal: 50 - 60 CHF /night /person.
    • Everything is on their website:

[edit] other?

[edit] Shortlist for venues

[edit] Which venues should be investigated further

After a long and heated discussion, the following three options were chosen (that means that the other three get immediately stopped).

  • Unordered top-3
    • Fiesch
      • With this side-point: somebody contacts them; if it does not work out, Fiesch gets immediatly replaced by Melchtal.
    • Geneva
    • Vaumarcus

[edit] What's next in the venue selection process

  • We need some sort of formal agreement for the bid selection.
  • We need people to go to the various places and see in person what the infrastructures are and possibly take picture for the bid process.
[edit] Visits
[edit] /!\ Don't forget to
  • Announce the visit date and time on the mailing list
  • Take the LocationCheckList with you
  • Fill the LocationCheckList for your place
  • Prepare the venue-specific wiki page (sub-page of Switzerland/ )

[edit] Document presenting the bid for external persons (venue, sponsors, ...)

[edit] Rough budget

[edit] possible sponsors

  • brainstorming
  • who has contacts to possible sponsors

[edit] preparation of the formal bid proposal

  • who's responsible
  • what needs to be done, distribute tasks

[edit] Next meeting

  • 16. November 2011, 18h45
  • 05. December 2011, 18h45

[edit] Varia

[edit] FLOSS contacts

  • OdyX is in, and mentionned that on their IRC
  • … Various other people. :->
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