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[edit] Presences

The following persons were present, in alphabetical order:

  • Alain Schröder (alain)
  • Axel Beckert (abe)
  • Didier Raboud (odyx)
  • Eva Ramon (eva)
  • Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz)
  • Luca Capello (gismo)
  • Martin F. Krafft (madduck) (favors a DebConf13 near Germany)
  • Philipp Hug (hug)
  • Salvatore Bonaccorso (carnil)

[edit] "Committment" Round

Given the presence of new people, we evaluated how much time each person could invest in the organization. Here the details:

  • Alain does not have much experience and thus he does not think he can be on the CoreTeam (CT), but he is willing to find some time to help, depending on the location. He will probably go to DebConf12 in Nicaragua.
  • Axel has time-conflicts with another event and he is not sure to be at DebConf12 in Nicaragua [2]. Moreover, he wants to organize a Mini DebConf before a full DebConf. He had organized a LUGcamp before and he wants to self-protect himself from too much work. He has experiences in setting up websites for other events and he would be ready to help in this regard.
  • Didier has a conflicting project in 2013, he will know more before the end of August.
  • Eva does not know yet.
  • Gaudenz is in Switzerland and he will stay there. While he will not be able to invest too much time, but he has a good flexibility WRT to work schedule. He is willing to go helping at DebConf12 in Nicaragua if we win the bid.
  • Luca will take a year off if Switerland wins the bid. He will go for sure to DebConf12 in Nicaragua.
  • Martin moved to Germany and he does not want to be in the CT. He is good ad keepting track of things (e.g. sponsorship or finances).
  • Philipp can help, especially WRT to infrastructure/network stuff.
  • Salvatore is willing to help, but does not know yet how much he can invest.

[2] <>

Some notes:


  • The CT needs 3 to 5 people that can not jump off.
  • Backup from the employer is important.
  • Time commitment is "more than you think".
  • The Global Team handles website stuff.


  • Switzerland has good Internet connectivity.

[edit] Possible Venues

Legend: '+' = strong point, '-' = weak point, in parenthesis the person in charge of checking it.


  • Possible dates include October/November, the other outseason is April/May.
  • Accommodation is the first problem, then we can ask entities.
  • Touristic places could be a problem, we are not the only meeting happening in Switzerland and we do not have the same budget as bank meetings, for example, thus we should check smaller places like Thurgau (Martin) or Neuchatel, Fribourg (but there is no accommodation) or Morat (Didier).
  • Boarding schools are quite ideal, they do caterings, they have small rooms, bigger auditoriums, but they have to be empty (Gaudenz will check the German-speaking part, Luca the French one).
  • Mountain towns (e.g. Davos or Zermatt) are nice and everything is there (Philipp).
  • Youth hostels are another option, too (Didier).
  • On the community@ mailing list Giacomo proposed to contact MySwitzerland [3] (Luca).

[outside of the cities]

  • + Easy to organize.
  • + Less expensive.
  • + Daytrip to the cities.
  • - Venues do not really exist.


  • Basel (Alain)
  • Genève (Luca)
  • ETH/UniZH (Salvatore with the help of Alain)
  • Winthertur?

[Interlaken (Philipp)]

  • + Good opening hours for supermarkets.
  • - Axel was at the LUG-Camp in 2007, that location (dry dock) is not suitable for DebConf, though.

[EPFL, Lausanne (Didier)]

  • + New conference center ready for 2013.
  • + It will include accommodation or hotels near the campus.
  • + Reasonable well connected.
  • + Big Free Software community which could help and/or assist.
  • - Need public transportation to go there.
  • - Lack of accommodation nearby.
  • - Lack of supermarkets nearby.
  • - Expensive location.

[CERN, Genève (Luca)]

  • + If the location will provide also all side-services it will be OK.

[edit] To Be Done

  • Sponsoring.
  • Content of the presentation [3]
    • Eva, Gaudenz and Philipp will not be there.
    • Luca will take care of preparing it.
  • Next meeting should be at the end of August.
    • Gaudenz will organize it on the community@ mailing list.

[3] <>

We thank Didier to have kept record of the minutes.

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