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Location: Liip office, Rue de Bourg 11-13, Lausanne,, map:

Time: 1900 - 2130 (train to Zürich and Bern 2145, last train 2245 to Zürich)

Connections: Zürich ab: 1632, Bern ab: 1734, Geneva dep.: 1810


[edit] Agenda / Minutes

[edit] Presence roundtable

  • Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz), in Bern
  • Giacomo Catenazzi (cate), living in ZH
  • Sylvain Fankhauser, working at Liip, living in Lausanne.
  • Michele Cane (heiserhorn), working in GE.
  • Kevin Müller, working at Liip.
  • Michael Germini, working in GE
  • Luca Capello (gismo), also in GE, president of, pusher for
  • Didier Raboud (OdyX), in Lausanne.

[edit] Team Organization

[edit] Wiki

  • is okay for now.
  • Please put on the wiki
    • data points (contact wrap-ups, …)
    • minutes
    • Everything public
    • In general, every information that is better stored there than on the wiki.
  • Beware: the wiki is public.

[edit] Mailing List

  • We should make sure there is only one canonical list for the bid process.
  • DebConf wants us to keep archives.
  • Proposal: community@l.d.o gets subscribed to the and is the only subscriber.
  • When someone wants to talk about things related to the bid, they write to the the @l.dc.n list.

[edit] Chair for meetings

  • Q: Do we need one person chairing the meetings.
    • Decision: We decide after each meeting who plans and prepares the minutes for the next.

[edit] Timeline

  • 20111101 Venue(s) decision
    • possible venues need a rough comittment and rough price estimation
    • 2-3 (max 3) venues with engaged discussions
    • Think about backup plans
  • 20111201 Bid draft
    • for revue by other team members and maybe the Global Team.
  • 20111215 Present finished bid
    • sent to debconf-team
    • Think "early december"

[edit] Venue

  • presentation of the different options (OdyX, Gismo, Michele Cane, Cate, ...)
  • strong and weak points of each option
  • most likely dates for each option.
  • Which options to keep, which to drop. A: Drop "Boarding schools"

[edit] Possible venues

[edit] Lausanne (OdyX)

  • not only one or two hotels
  • Beaulieu: suitable, problem is price. 2 weeks very expensive. also for EPFL/university
  • best period end July, beginning August: low season hotels, but not hostels (almost full)
  • sponsoring
    • usually sponsoring by the city of Lausanne between 25k-45kCHF (good dossier)
    • canton of Vaud: involved in F/LOSS and promoting it, so maybe we can get sponsoring from them (equally as the city)
  • pretty positive:
    • it is possible
    • contacts from the EPFL
      • the Conference Center will not be finished, anyway too big for us
      • main auditorium from the Rolex Center (500 places) could fit us
      • otherwise standard auditoriums, rooms not as close as in Banja Luka
      • no problem for 200-person auditorium in EPFL.
  • not yet written to the EPFL people, nor at the UniL
  • Having people in the university helps for getting rooms, stuff, …
  • main problem is the period
  • food:
    • traiteur in Beaulieu
    • no restaurant around
  • lacking: no clear documents presenting DebConf (what, advantages, why), always in English

[edit] Geneva (Michele)

  • PDF sent on the list, from Geneva Tourism
  • Proposed venue: UniMail
    • Big-enough conference rooms
    • Some rooms are equipped for video-conference
    • Very central in the city
    • Could be opened on sundays.
  • Hotels in the city, possibility to be in youthhostels, but it's far.
  • Accomodation in the hotels
  • All participants will have free access to public transportation.
  • Possible to have cheap hotel
  • Dates would be July~August; beware of "Fêtes de Genève"
  • Having people in the university helps for getting rooms, stuff, …
  • Problem: Hacklab should be opened 24/24h.
  • CERN: tram will be there by 2013, which is 40 minutes from the center, hostels are possible in Meyrin and around.

[edit] Zürich (cate)

  • cate had mails with people from the university, not gone very far yet.

[edit] Places "abroad"

OdyX did some investigation.

  • Magglingen is too small.
  • Vaumarcus is at the limit. Contact: Mike.
  • Melchtal. Contact: gismo.
  • Lenk. Contact: gaudenz
  • Fiesch. Contact: gaudenz

[edit] All-in-tents

Option to follow, with precautions.

[edit] Boarding schools

Not worth it.

[edit] Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship for travel expenses during bid preparation.
    • We have 500.- CHF available for this type of expenses.
    • Gismo, as president, will give out travel sponsorship to whoever asks for it for meeting travel expenses.
  • Budget is probably ~300-400 kCHF
    • We need someone to estimate a rough budget; gaudenz takes responsability for it.

[edit] Next Meeting

[edit] Place

gaudenz proposes to go to Bern for the next meeting. General ACK.

[edit] Tasks

    • chair/prepare the next meeting. A: gaudenz by general acclaim (thank you).

[edit] TODO list

  • gismo
  • cate
    • Does the mailing lists dance (subscribe .ch to
  • Michele
    • contacts Vaumarcus.
  • Gaundenz
    • Contacts Lenk
    • Contacts Fiesch
    • handles responsability for drafting an initial rough budget.
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