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Coordination for the writing of the DebConf15 Final Report


[edit] Instructions and README

We will write lots of stuff in the wiki and then condense to put into the PDF. You don't need to care about length for the wiki, feel free to write about stuff that you think it's important not to forget.

If you want to add new sections, feel free to create them under FinalReport/

We want pictures. Feel free to suggest pictures (as long as they are CC-BY-SA 3.0 licensed) at the bottom of this page.

[edit] List of articles to be written

That's a prioritization proposal, it doesn't imply anything on the relative importance of the various subjects, just what *must* be in the final report, what **should** be in the final report and what would be *nice to have* there. If you care about having a subject in particular talked about in the final report, just write the report for it. :-)

[edit] First priority

Article Author(s) Comment Status Pictures
/WelcomeMessage Marga Written. Needs proofing
/PurposeOfDebConf Madduck
/Content azeem / maxy This probably warrants a whole page, maybe even two. Basically a recap of the highlights, possibly in combination with concrete advances in Debian/FLOSS that resulted from DC15
Progress Cf. the comment by ARM, how has Debian benefitted from this DebConf.
Attendee impressions This one is special, last year we dump the blogposts from attendees. madduck: This year, maybe just a pointer to the wiki, some articles in the appendix, or just select floating quotes?
/Sponsors DLange
/Finances madduck I'll need half a page for this.
/InNumbers Marga DebConf15/Statistics plus diversity stats (e.g. women, first-timers (?), etc.) Mostly done. Needs graphs and pix
/Credits (team list) [madduck: Not sure this is necessary. Could be done in tiny font on the final page]

[edit] Second priority

We want this in the wiki, even if not all of them will go to the PDF.

Article Author(s) Comments Text Pictures
/Venue madduck done, not checked a photo or two of the beergarden, under-HD, courtyard, foyer, etc.?
/Food madduck written, not checked might be nice to get a photo of the cafeteria/buffet/bistro
/ChildCare RichiH done
/DayTrip hvhaugwitz
/ConfDinner madduck
/Video tumbleweed
/Networking RichiH done
/DPLWords madduck: merge with the purpose of DebConf above?

[edit] Nice-to-have's

Only for the wiki, but still nice to have

Article Author(s) Comment Text Pictures
/BidProcess madduck
/CheeseAndWineParty jmux Done, not checked Done, not checked
/FreeTimeActivities madduck (unless someone beats me to it)
/SecretCakeTeam jmux AKA Debian birthday party Done, not checked Done, not checked
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