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[edit] Definitely the smelliest event

Monday afternoon started the preparations for the 2nd "cooking" event: the cheese and wine party.

[edit] The cutting

Instead of robbing ale-benches, the "cutting crew" was robbing the kitchen of a lot of sharp knifes. The final question of one cook was: "Do you want an additional knife or dinner?" The crew choose dinner, as fighting of a few hundred hungry Debianians seemed more dangerous.
In comparison to the baking, the crew just increased slightly after the cheese was brought; the odor in the background dinning hall was definitely very cheesy, probably prevent additional people to join. At some point of cutting the cheese, I suspected a hidden storage to exist somewhere in the hostel, as the stream of new cheese types seemed to never end.

BTW: does someone want to do the real stats? most of the cheese, most of the fluids - there was non-wine and also some non-alcoholic drinks.

At the end the crew had also employed two scribes, which were constantly copying some part of the original cheeses enclosure to small flags. Some times we were not sure which of the words were actually naming the cheese but on the other hand we also had some chocolate, some vegan non-"cheese" and some cheese, which didn't looked or tasted like cheese. I especially remembered a cheese, which looked like a dark rye bread from the outside and after touching it, my fingers looked the same. Someone had brought Hessian "cooked cheese" (Kochkäse - yeah, but you should eat it warm from the cooking pot with "music"), an "oppai" cheese and AFAI remember correctly a 125 month old Parmigiano, which the degusteur would have to cut with a special knife, as it was very hard. Some other cheese was actually too fluid to be easily eatable at this event, and almost poured out of its box.

[edit] The party

The reception / front hall felt very crowded. Luckily we forgot to prepare pair of grapes and some minimal additional vegetables. One of the cooks prepared them in no-time, while I was getting the large chunks of rye bread (real bread - not the cheese!) so these cut be cut too. And someone had brought a small selection of the best German marzipan from Lübeck, "hidden" at the front desk, next to the vegetables.

[edit] The end

After the always filling dinner, I didn't expect to see all the cheese and drinks disappearing that quickly.
Luckily most of my conversations this evening didn't include cheese and wine, especially since I don't like cheese and don't drink alcohol :-)


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