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Date Author Link Gist
2015-08-15 Ben Hutchins
2015-08-15 Sune Vuorela
2015-08-16 Ana Guerrero Lopez video and cake
2015-08-16 Bradley Kuhn speaker
2015-08-21 Rhonda D'Vine
2015-08-23 Juan Rossi
2015-08-23 Martin Steigerwald and
2015-08-24 Jonathan McDowell
2015-08-29 Zlatan Todoric Draft Final Report
2015-08-30 Antonio Terceiro
2015-09-01 Christian Tacke
2015-10-04 Jonathan Carter

[edit] Particular quotes

I don’t get tired of saying it is the best conference I ever attended. First it’s a mix of meeting both new people and old friends, having the chance to chat with people whose work you admire but never had a chance to meet before. Second, it’s always quality time: an informal environment, interesting and constructive presentations and discussions.
To praise right away, that the diversity outreach - it really nailed it. People behind this idea deserve a medal, because it made DebConf so much more colorful, so much more exciting and talking to newcomers was awesome because they were super excited and want to hop on our train ASAP.
I now understand more deeply what it means to assume good intentions. Even if I do not agree with some decisions or ways people handle things I know, during DebConf I got the clear sense that they do it the way they do it with best intentions. Thank you.
Small children roam around, enjoy some nice time with parents, meet people, with complete freedom and they do not feel out of place at all. In fact it is a nice warming feeling that you can see that Debian for some it is not only about a distribution, now it is about family.
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