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This years conference dinner was not only located in Heidelberg but also on "Heiligenberg", as it's the name of the mountain situated next to the city. Almost on top of the mountain, surrounded by forest, is the Waldschenke Heidelberg, a hiking tavern and restaurant.

As the day started quite warm, many people decided to hike uphill, which turned out to become a challenge for most participants. While walking in town and half of the uphill climb was already steep but on tarred ways, the later mountain path "philosophers way" felt more like a mountain biking path. Many people neither expected nor had mountain hiking shoes. On the other hand others even went the same way downhill in the evening.

To accomodate all the DebConf participants, additional benches and tents were added to the restaurants beer garden. As the food was pre-ordered, it was delivered quick and still hot, thanks to the numbers of waiters. The quality of the food was good.

Only the weather didn't perform as expected by the organizers. While the previous weeks had been quite hot, this evening turned much colder than expected, with the result that despite the provision of hot drinks (tea and coffee), blankets and a bonfire, many people ended up feeling quite chilly.

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  • Failed to tell people we're outside
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