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[edit] Attendees

DebConf15 was the largest DebConf up to now, with over a 100 more attendees than DebConf7 in Edinburgh, the previously largest DebConf.

Of a total of 685 registrations, 581 confirmed attendance, and we got 543 people on-site. We also received a number of day visitors that did not register and were thus not counted; we had more than 550 people present in Heidelberg.

There were 28 children, making it also the DebConf with the most children running and crawling around the conference. Six of those children were taken care of in DebConf-organized child-care.

Regarding our conference fees, 35 attended as corporate representatives and 79 as professional attendees.

Most attendees stayed at the youth hostel where the conference was happening. 247 paid for their costs while 161 requested sponsored food and accommodation.

[edit] Diversity

On top of the financial aid that is given to Debian contributors that allows people to attend who would otherwise not afford it, this year we had a special diversity fund, which sponsored accommodation and travel for 8 people that would bring more diversity to DebConf (this includes gender diversity, geographical diversity, and "new to DebConf" diversity).

Additionally, Google sponsored 2 women through the Travel Grants for Women program.

Out of the people that specified their gender, 422 chose Male and 75 Female. This means that at least 13% of the attendees were women, which although still small is better than many other free software conferences.

DebConf15 had attendees from 52 different countries, including countries that are usually missing from DebConf, like Kenya, Egypt and Vietnam. There was notably a large group of 17 attendees from Afghanistan. These were system administration students, participating of the ZiiK project of the Technische Universität Berlin.

For attendees that entered their country, these are their numbers:

Attendees Country
155 Germany
57 United States of America (USA)
42 France
41 Great Britain
21 Austria
17 India
17 Afghanistan
16 Switzerland
15 Brazil
13 Spain
13 Italy
9 Canada
8 Czech Republic
7 Netherlands
7 Finland
6 Norway
6 Sweden
5 Australia
5 Greece
5 Denmark
5 Belgium
5 Japan
5 Poland
5 Hungary
4 South Africa
4 Russia
4 Serbia
3 Ireland
3 Colombia
3 Argentina
3 China
3 Israel
2 New Zealand
2 Mexico
2 Taiwan
2 Vietnam
2 Iran
2 El Salvador
2 Bahrain
2 Tunisia
2 Romania
1 Egypt
1 Ghana
1 Latvia
1 Albania
1 Guatemala
1 Slovakia
1 Ukraine
1 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
1 Bulgaria
1 Martinique
1 Kenya
1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 Slovenia
1 Thailand

Regarding involvement in Debian, these are the amounts of attendees for each categories (excluding the 71 that declined to state this):

Attendees Category
213 Debian Project Member
105 Debian Contributor
64 Not yet involved but interested
57 Otherwise involved
33 Accompanying a Debian participant

Regarding food preferences, these were the choices:

Attendees Food Preference
431 I'll be happy to eat whatever is provided
62 I am lacto-ovo vegetarian
22 I am strict vegetarian (vegan)
28 Other

[edit] Events

There was a total of 206 scheduled events: 91 talks, 89 BoFs, 18 social and special events, and 8 workshops. Social events included two different concerts, karaoke nights, disco nights, and four dancing sessions.

119 of those events were recorded by video team and are available from the video archive. This required 500 raw DV files (1.5 TB), transcoded into 119 webm files (42 GB).

960 hours of video were streamed on-site, and 1600 hours of video were streamed off-site. This generated a total traffic of roughly 2.5TB for the streaming servers.

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