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The Debian Developer Conference (known as DebConf14), took take place in Portland, Oregon, USA, from 23 to 31 August 2014.

Organizer information is at /Orga.


[edit] Dates

Important dates

26 Apr (Sat) Registration opened
15 May (Thu) Sponsored registration deadline
31 May (Sat) Sponsorship decisions
22 Aug (Fri) First night of sponsored accommodation for DebConf, arrival day for regular DebConf participants.
23 Aug (Sat) DebConf14 begins!
31 Aug (Sun) Last day of DebConf14
1 Sept (Mon) Clean-up and departure day

[edit] General Information

[edit] Room Usage/Availability

Smith Memorial Student Union schedule and floor plan:

  • SMSU 327/8 (talk room)
  • SMSU 329 (talk room)
  • SMSU 338 (talk room)
  • SMSU 355 (plenary room, first & last days only)
  • SMSU 333 (hacklab)
  • SMSU 238 (hacklab)
  • SMSU 323 (data center)
  • SMSU third-floor balcony (open-air hack lab)

[edit] Registration

  • Registration: Attendees must register by Thursday, May 15 to apply for sponsored food, accommodation, or travel. After this date, registrations will still be accepted in any of the basic, professional, and corporate categories, but requests for sponsorship will no longer be accepted.

[edit] Contacts:

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