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[edit] General Portland Travel

[edit] Food and Drink

[edit] Quick-ish escapes

Quick-ish because if you're serious you could blast through any one of these activities in a couple of hours, but really, who can only spend a couple of hours at Powell's?

[edit] Day Trips

Decided to stay in Portland instead of heading out on the organized day trip? Here is a fun local alternative. You could incorporate several of the items on the "Quick-ish" list too.

  • The 4T Trail Hike - a 4 mile hike that has you all over downtown Portland - using the Train (MAX), a Trail, the Tram, and the Trolley. You can make it a quick 3-4 hour trip, or you can make a day of it with some tourist stops along the way.

[edit] Fun for kiddos

Portland is a pretty kid friendly city, so I'm hard pressed to say anything above isn't kid-friendly. But here are a few more resources for finding kid-friendly activities

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