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[edit] When and where

[edit] Attendees list

[edit] Actual attendees

  • OdyX
  • gaudenz
  • kevinmoilar
  • gismo
  • cate
  • Michael
  • heiserhorn
  • Raphael

[edit] Announced attendees

  • gismo
  • OdyX
  • gaudenz
  • Raphael
  • cate

[edit] Excused

  • hug

[edit] Agenda

[edit] Greetings, introduction (10 minutes)

Each participant introduced himself, especially because this was Raphael's first meeting.

[edit] Common vision for DebConf (30 minutes)

  • What would you like Debconf participants to remember?
    • nature (landscape, good weather)
    • social (group, great time, sport, collaborative environment, relaxed environment, party)
    • technical (progress for Debian)
    • well-organized conference, organization, easy-going, food & drink, Internet
    • [gaudenz] no need to be different in all directions
    • [OdyX] Swiss Pure Blend
    • [gaudenz] social event and technical progress is important
    • [cate] at the beginning a social event
    • [kevinmoilar] good network of people knowing each other: it is an easier and faster progress
    • [OdyX] knowing people each other is good too
a great technical/social period spent with friends in a natural environment
  • What would you like to achieve trough the DebConf13 organisation?
    • [gismo] nothing more than Debian success
    • [heiserhorn] something to be remembered
    • [cate] better than Mexico
    • [Raphael] make a contribution to Debian
    • [OdyX] (not finishing with a burnout, being happy with it) being up to the challenge without a burnout
    • [gaudenz] go on for another week
    • [gismo] failure is a possibility
    • [gaudenz] a local team which is funny to work with
    • [heiserhorn] enjoy DebConf organization
    • [cate] promote Debian in CH
    • [gaudenz] see if we can organize such a big event (a big task ever done before by most of us)
    • [kevinmoilar] gain experience
    • [gaudenz] we should not agree on all points
  • Collaboration among localteam members
    • What is most important to you when working together?
      • [kevinmoilar] be frank, respectful, say it fast if you see/have a problem
      • [heiserhorn] communicate problems/achievements, to be aware, clear needs
      • [OdyX] trust and confidence, "do what you claim to do but fail gracefully"
      • [Raphael] respect (trust and communication)
      • [cate] clear tasks
      • [gaudenz] do the stuff you have promised to (do not do a lot if you do not have time), say if you do not agree/like
      • [Michael] social aspects similar to FOSDEM (meet people, drink beer, make party)
      • [gismo] clear basis and knowledge of what has to be done
    • How would you characterize your working / collaboration style in 3 sentences?
      • [kevinmoilar] am a good mediator, like to push for decisions to get things done, technically not well versed
      • [heiserhorn] dynamic, listen to other people's advice, good at reacting fast
      • [OdyX] verbose (speak a lot), structured, listen to others
      • [Raphael] good work of quality, meticulous, ask questions
      • [cate] check details, small tasks
      • [gaudenz] I try to do the same as above, do stuff well (too much), give the power to those who can do and decide how to do it
      • [Michael] social aspects
      • [gismo] sharing the workload, ability to work with strict deadlines and quality over quantity
    • What involvement into the localteam do you see for you?
      • [kevinmoilar] especially in the summer, busy at job, family, time limited
      • [heiserhorn] not experience in organizing such big things, no financial expertise, food/catering/buvette
      • [OdyX] scouts, "living by doing", 2 hours per week
      • [Raphael] after workhours, at the end of the year maybe I will start and education and I will be less available
      • [cate] it depends on the work
      • [gaudenz] able to constantly work on the project, but not more than 2-4 hours a week on average
      • [Michael] social aspects
      • [gismo] whatever is needed

[edit] Team organisation (80 minutes)

[edit] Definition of the various subteams (50 minutes)

  • Proposed subteams (to be defined):
    • [gismo] too many
    • [cate] some tasks by the Global team
    • [gaudenz] some in closer collaboration with the Global team
    • [gaudenz] we always need a backup: responsible(1) and second-in-charge(2)
    • team management: gaudenz(1), OdyX(1)
      • constant work until the end
      • team handling
      • Global Team contact
      • team meeting agendas
      • final report
      • planning
      • press contact (outside communication, announcement)
      • Debian Day (it depends on the venue)
    • hospitality: heiserhorn(1), Michael(2)
      • influence the budget
      • food
      • bar
      • venue accommodation
      • special accommodation
      • transport
      • contact at 'Le Camp' (food prices, other options)
    • finances: Raphael(1), gismo(1), cate(2), gaudenz(2), hug(TO-BE-FILLED-IN), madduck(TO-BE-FILLED-IN)
      • schedule a meeting to discuss everything
      • our main effort should be focused on local Swiss sponsors
      • participate in the Global team
      • sponsoring
      • legalese (which umbrella, legal organization, separate association)
      • money
    • Front Desk: cate(1), heiserhorn(2), Michael(2)
      • visual identity
      • website content, logo, sponsor pack
      • visas
      • safety (First Aid, police, pharmacies)
      • communication to attendees (FAQ)
      • accessibility
      • promotional material
      • participant gifts
      • wiki updates
    • tech: kevinmoilar(1), OdyX(2), gismo(2), hug(TO-BE-FILLED-IN), XTaran(TO-BE-FILLED-IN)
      • website technical
      • migration from pentabarf to frap
      • network infrastructure
        • put effort in summer about the network connectivity
        • backup plan for a single uplink
      • talk infrastructure
    • fun: kevinmoilar(2), Raphael(2)
      • extra activities
      • sport
      • daytrip
      • formal dinner (boat?)
  • Who takes the lead in which subteam
    • => subteams define their area of responsibility until the next meeting
      • responsibilities
      • when the work has to be done
      • necessary resources (human, financial)
      • interdependencies with other teams
each subteam should detail the above in his wikipage and in an email to the debconf13-localteam mailing list

[edit] Team collaboration and communication (30 minutes)

  • Do we keep the mailinglist redirection to community@l.d.c?
    • [gismo] while this is automatic, it is now useless
community@l.d.c is manually kept in the loop (no technical discussion)
  • How often do we meet?
moved to the next meeting
  • Proposal of "team coordinator" role
    • keeps track of the "whole picture"
    • Organizes localteam meetings
    • coordination / communication with the global team (if not delegated for special tasks)
    • Has no special decision making powers (?)
no need for that (similar to the team subteam)

[edit] Relations to the Global Team (20 minutes)

Introductory remark by gaudenz:

Global Team: responsible for DebConf, they give us work (contractors, delegators), they help us / we help them doing work
Video Team: not our concerns, their own material and stuff
  • What do you / do we expect from the Global Team?
    • [OdyX] they communicate us the needs, but we need to have precise data
    • [heiserhorn] deadlines (registration, schedule, etc.)
    • [cate] they prefer us to do the work
    • [gaudenz] some subscribed to our mailing list
  • What do you / do we think the Global Team expects from us?
    • [gismo] commitment, availability
    • [OdyX] website problems for DebConf12, we do not want late surprises
    • [gaudenz] 1/2 contacts in case of (e.g. for phone calls)
    • [OdyX] zero-debt conference
    • What do we want to do for as team or as indiviuals?
      • [cate] presentation
      • [gaudenz] submit the event -> team coordination
      • [gaudenz] frab (only conference software to be able to import penta data)
      • [gismo] help there (but not until the end, I have to be in Italy on 2012-07-13), sponsors lookup and various minor stuff (e.g. proofreading)
      • [gaudenz] will do Global Team tasks, priority is DebConf13
      • [OdyX] they need help talk schedule, sponsorship decision (who gets what), accommodation assignment
    • What is expected from us as team and as individuals w.r.t
      • Anyone want's to migrate penta to frab?
this should be done by the tech subteam in collaboration with the Global Team.

[edit] Prospective agenda, next meetings (10 minutes)

  • Logo
    • [cate] will do (as part of the Front Desk subteam)
next meeting will be on 2012-05-09 at 18:45+0200 in Fribourg
  • Longterm planning until, (bi-)monthly f2f meetings
    • LocalTeam week-ends?
      • 1 before (Hackathon, team-building, ...)
      • 1 after (Project review, final report)
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