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On 26th September 2009, Munich was chosen for the official Germany bid.

Reminder of page moved to DebConf11/Munich


[edit] General Information for a local team

[edit] TODOs of a local team

  • support participants in getting a visa
  • find sponsors
  • find a venue
  • book a hotel about 1 year in advance
  • find an internet provider
  • setup the wireless network
  • support the video team
  • find a caterer for half a dozen different diets
  • prepare proceedings
  • prepare the schedule
  • find additional local people that help during the conference
  • improve pentabarf
  • organize Debian Day
  • organize the day trip and the formal dinner

[edit] additional information

  • We can expert 400 – 600 people during Debconf and 100 – 150 people for the Debcamp.
  • Typical budget: 150.000 $
  • typical hotel costs: 50.000 $
  • The local team for Debconf11 should get experience by supporting Debconf9 and Debconf10.
  • Main conference room: 200 – 300 people
  • 2 additional rooms: 100 people each
  • several smaller rooms for BoF, organizers, video team...
  • hacklab should be open 24 hours
  • there are a local and a global admin team
  • having WIFI in the sleeping rooms is nice to have (not a must)
  • WIFI is necessary in the conference rooms and the hacklab
  • the global team has about 3 – 15 members

[edit] Formalities

[edit] List of potential organizers

People interested to help in organization. Please add your name in your local wiki page, too!

If possible, please also note the things you want and can do for debconf11/Germany preparation and execution, and how much time and energy you are willing to invest. Sure, more is better, but an hour/week is better than nothing - and it's surely better to tell less and later do more, than tell you will do much and later do nothing!

And please note your experience in organizing meetings, especially your work for previous debconfs! We'll need that for the application as a venue.

[edit] Old step-list

  1. Ganneff submits a talk to Pentabarf for DebConf9. (status: submitted, schedule: unknown)
  2. Answer Jimmy Kaplowitz' email message to, subject: “DebConf11 in your city!” and announce our plans. (status: not done yet)
  3. Everybody who wants to be a member of a local team: add your name and interests to your local Debconf wiki page.
  4. All of Germany's local teams: prepare your application in the Debconf wiki, find a venue, take photos, check prices,...
  5. Everybody who wants to support Debconf11: support the Debconf9 and Debconf10 teams.
  6. Everybody who is taking part in Debconf9: prepare and have the talk at DebConf9.
  7. Meet again at FrosCon 22th - 23th August 2009 in Sankt Augustin.
  8. All of Germany's local teams: choose 1 city during an IRC session on 26th September 2009, 15:00h CEST (13:00 UTC) (status: done)
  9. The local team for Debconf11: submit the final bid until end of year 2009.

[edit] History

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