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This page is about organizing a Debian conference in the Rhein/Ruhr Area in 2011.

The local team consists of

  • Formorer (Alexander Wirt)
  • Rhalina (Franziska Lichtblau)
  • Plentyn (Arne Wichmann)
  • _rene_ (Rene Engelhard)
  • youam

and some more.

Facilities (alternatives, not yet finalized). We need prices; distances for auditoriums, hacklabs, restaurant, sleeping quarters, info desk; places for hacklabs, workshops, BoFs and talks; prices for meals; availability of wired network connectivity (>=100Mbit switched?); server rooms and amount of electrical load; prices for accomodation (per person and night) for 200 to 500 people.

 7000E+MWSt (7 Tage, 1*>500er Reihenbestuhlung, 1*~200er Reihenbestulung, 2*50, 1*20)
 30000E (incl MWSt?) (7 Tage, 1*800 Reihenbestuhlung, 1*450 Reihenbestuhlung, 1*70, 1*30, 1*20)
 19500E+Mwst (7 Tage, 1*500er Reihenbestuhlung, 1*200er Reihenbestulung, 4 Tagungsräume)
 40000E+Mwst (7 Tage, 1*>500er Reihenbestuhlung, 2*200er Reihenbestuhlung, 4 Tagungsräume)

Oops - I inquired for 1*500, 1*150 people, and 3-6 smaller rooms. In the case of Bottrop, 1*500, 2*100 is definitely possible, too, in the other cases I expect the same)

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