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[edit] Berlin meeting June 26 2009

There was a meeting on 26th June 2009 during the Linuxtag in Berlin about having DebConf11 in Germany. The are currently 3 cities / regions that are interested – in alphabetical order: Berlin, Munich, and the Rhein/Ruhr region. There was consensus that only 1 german city will be chosen for the official bid to make the committees life easier.

[edit] Berlin meeting June 2 2009

On Tuesday, June 2 2009 sixteen members of the local Debian and FOSS community met in Berlin to discuss a possible bid from Germany for the Debconf11. We had some discussions at DebConf8 already and also our DPL promoted the idea. There is a strong desire in the local community to get the Debconf to Germany for the first time. The participation at the informally organized Berlin meeting was already overwhelming. There is a big and active group of very welcoming and friendly local supporters and there is an excellent and cost effective infrastructure available to host the event and contributors from all over the world.

We invite everyone who is interested in Debconf for a discussion about a Berlin bid during the Linuxtag on Friday, June 26 at 2pm to the Messe Berlin.

[edit] Pictures from the meeting at C-BASE, Berlin, 20090602

See pictures on the right.

Bild 1
Bild 2
Bild 3

[edit] Cities/Regions

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