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[edit] Registration

[edit] Who can attend?

DebConf is a technical gathering for people involved, in any way, in the Debian project. While anyone is welcome, the conference is filled to the brim with hard core geekness. If you are interested in Debian but not ready for 24/7 hacking, please join us at the Open Day. If you decide you want to attend the conference, you are welcome to, but at that stage we will not be able to guarantee access to food or accommodation.

[edit] How do I register?

Online registration was closed on July 16th. You may still register on-site at the Front Desk to receive a badge, pay applicable fees (if registering as professionnal or corporate attendee) and purchase a meal card (subject to availability).

Signups for conference-provided accommodation are closed, but there may still be rooms available for self-booking at RVC and Hotel Universel, see the Accommodation page for details.

[edit] How do I apply for bursaries (sponsorship) for accommodation/food/travel?

Please note, we are not accepting any new bursary applications.

Fill in the online registration form, and follow the instructions at

[edit] How were the travel bursaries allocated?

This year's travel sponsorship process was as as follows : Each applicant was given a self-assessed financial need score from 3 down to 0, according to the menu option selected (with 3 as "Without this funding, I will be absolutely unable to attend"). Two bursaries team members were asked to give two scores : one for the "contribution to debian/debconf", and one on "diversity and inclusion criteria". A third referee was assigned in the case the first two scores were too far apart.

We then worked our way through applications based on the rule that people whose financial need was at least as high, and whose "contributor/D&I score" as strictly higher (or vice-versa) should be funded first.

[edit] Are food and accommodation included in the professional and corporate registration fees?

No. While in the past the registration fees have included food and accommodation, this has often led to confusion and frustration on the part of our paid attendees. Also, in years when the conference is in a city, our corporate and professional attendees sometimes prefer to book their own hotel rooms rather than stay in the conference accommodations. To simplify the registration process, since DebConf13 the registration fees are kept separate from self-paid food and accommodation.

[edit] If I'm self-paid, can I stay in the same place as the sponsored attendees?

Yes. You may book and pay for your stay on-site through the conference registration form. The fee charged per night is 30 CAD$.

[edit] What if I prefer to stay in a hotel?

See DebConf17/Accommodation for some alternatives, nearby.

[edit] How much does food and accommodation cost?


Food (conference catering):

  • Breakfast: 3 CAD$
  • Lunch: 7.50 CAD$
  • Dinner: 7.50 CAD$

While the food will be special, the fee for the conference dinner fee is the same as a regular dinner.

[edit] I want to be able to eat with the group, but I also plan to enjoy Montreal's dining scene. Can I pay à la carte?

Yes. You will be able to book and pay for your catered meals through the conference registration process.

Alternatively, meal cards will be available for purchase at front desk. To facilitate catering and avoid wasted food, only specific meals will be available for pre-purchase.

[edit] I have someone accompanying me, do they need to register as well?

For those accompanying (significant others, spouses, offspring, etc.), if they intend to participate in the conference proceedings (attend sessions, the day trip, or anything that is part of the conference proper), please have them set up an account at conference system.

If they do not intend to participate in the conference proceedings, they can be registered under your account. See the Family section

[edit] Children

Please note that everyone is welcome to attend, and we encourage accompanying friends or family that might have any interest in joining our community to register for the conference, too!

A childcare service will be available at DebConf17.

[edit] What are the options to get around?

See the DebConf17/Getting_Around page for transport options.

[edit] Venue

[edit] I need directions to the venue.

You can find some useful informations on how to get to the venue here.

[edit] Where can I find a map of the venue & surrounding area?

See DebConf17/Venue#Conference_layout for a diagram of the venue building.

A points of interest map, curated by the local team, is available here:

[edit] Is the venue accessible to people with disabilities?

The venue is fully wheelchair-accessible. Most of the conference rooms are located on the main floor on the venue, and other floors are accessible by elevator or escalator. If you plan to travel by subway, please note that subways station near the venue are not equipped with elevators. Please indicate in the registration form if you require any assistance to fully enjoy the conference.

[edit] How safe are the rooms? Can I leave my stuff there?

It is not recommended you leave your valuables unattended in classrooms or in conference rooms.

The onsite classroom dorms will be equipped with special, unique door locks, only for DebConf17. We nevertheless don't recommend that you leave valuables in the dorm unless you fully trust your four other flatmates. Lockers will be available to store your valuables (bring a lock!).

[edit] Where can I smoke?

See DebConf17/Venue#Smoking.

[edit] Where can I park my car / van / RV?

See DebConf17/Venue#Parking.

[edit] Misc

[edit] Where can I check what cheese & wine is expected so as to prevent duplicates?

There is a wiki page: DebConf17/CheeseWineBoF.

[edit] Where can I shop for groceries or other such things?

There is a Metro grocery store near the venue if you need to buy things like bread and produce. There are also smaller convenience stores here and here if you want to buy things like snacks, soft drinks, cigarettes and beer. If you seek quality microbrew we recommend Le Bièrologue.

See the local POI map for more locations.

[edit] What are the payment options in local shops and restaurants?

Canada has it's own interbank system called Interac and most debit cards issued by non-Canadian banks will not work in Canada to make retail purchases. It is more common for foreign debit cards to be accepted in ATMs to make withdrawals.

Credit cards are widely supported, from small corner stores to department stores. If you have Visa or Mastercard, you should be able to use them nearly everywhere.

[edit] Are there ATMs I can use?

There is a National Bank ATM on site at the venue. It can interface will all the major North American networks, such as Interac, Plus, Visa and Mastercard.

[edit] SIM cards

See DebConf17/SIM cards

[edit] Power adaptors

The vast majority of power plugs and connectors found in Canada are of the NEMA-5 variety, such as those used in the USA. They provide 125 volts.

[edit] Laptop batteries and computer stuff

If you need to buy a new battery for your laptop or something else related and you do not want to do it online, you can check the next stores in Montreal:

[edit] Medical

[edit] Is there a medical store nearby?

There's a pharmacy here.

[edit] How much would a doctor visit cost for cold, cough or something simple like that in case the medicines need a medical prescription?

Medicines for small ailments like colds or coughs are available without prescription, so there should not be the need for a doctor's visit in such circumstances. If you really need to consult a doctor, fees can range from 100 to 200 CAD$ for a simple consultation.

If you only require medical advice, you can call the Info-Santé 811 service for free and speak to a nurse.

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