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Open Day will be August 5th at the venue, Collège de Maisonneuve.

During Open Day, talks and workshops of interest for the general public will be offered.

The event schedule is not yet determined.

See DebConf17/OpenDay/Planning for ideas and general planning.

[edit] Open Day InstallFest Volunteer Signup

We need volunteers familiar with the Debian Installer as resources to help Open Day attendees install Debian on their devices. If you think you can help, please add your information to the table below.

Name Nick email Phone Favourite Muppet Skills, resources, etc. you can provide
znoteer znoteer znoteer at Gonzo Hmm, I've installed Debian numerous times, though not in the last year or two. I could be a bottom tier helper. Smiles!
Bob333 Bob cjb333 - I have installed debian 10 or 20 times. Hope I can help out at the installfest.
Emmanuel Kasper manu (marcello^) on irc manu at debian dot you know the rest I have some knowledge about the Debian Installer. NB: I have submitted another event on the Debian Openday, (Ask Anything about Debian / Tout savoir sur Debian) But I hope I can help with the Install Party some hours during the rest of the day.
Raju rajudev rajudev at disroot dot org +919096331084 I have done installations of Debian umpteen times and have also conducted Debian installfests at Mini Debian Conferences in India. I know how to recover from failed installations, grub errors, post installation issues like drivers for Wi-Fi and graphics etc. I can help in the installation fest for sure.
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