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The venue - Collège de Maisonneuve (map) - is situated on the eastern part of the Island of Montreal. The full address is:

3800 Sherbrooke Est,
Montréal, (Québec),
Canada, H1X 2A2.


[edit] By plane

There is one main airport for commercial flights in Montreal called the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (codename YUL). It is located 20 km west of downtown Montreal.

See also the WikiTravel article about plane travel to Montreal.

[edit] Public Transit

The 747 bus runs 24/7 between the airport and downtown. At busy hours, one departs every seven minutes. Upon exiting the border control check zone and arriving in the public area, you will see the public transit orange and blue ticket machine.

Individual tickets for the 747 line costs 10 CAD (you’ll need another one to come back). A week pass, valid Monday to Sunday, for all of Montreal's public transit systim including the 747, costs 25 CAD.

The catch is that to get a week pass, you'll also need to get a public transit chip card (OPUS) from that machine which costs 6 CAD. Depending on the dates of your stay, the 11 CAD difference may very well be worth it if you plan to visit the city even a bit.

Ticket or OPUS in hand, follow the overhead 747 bus signs out of the terminal. Once outside, look for a sign showing you the way to the 747 bus stop. Board and enjoy the free WiFi.

Arriving after midnight? You might miss the last subway train! In that case, get down at the bus stop nearest to your destination. If heading to RVC, that'll be René-Lévesque and Union, while if heading to the venue, that's Berri-UQAM station (the last stop). You'll want to hop on a cab for the last few km.

Otherwise, get down at the first bus stop: Lionel-Groulx station. Take the green line, Honoré-Beaugrand direction.

[edit] Going to the venue

Get off the subway at Joliette station. Walk 2 blocks east on Rue Hochelaga and turn left on Rue Nicolet. Collège de Maisonneuve will be on your right. Use the entrance next to the bike racks with the big 2701 address sign. If arriving after 3 AM, go to the 3800 Sherbrooke entrance and use the buzzer to call a security guard to open the door.

[edit] Going to McGill Royal Victoria College Residence

Get off the subway at McGill station. Take the stairs off the platform and follow the signs [5] to the Rue Président Kennedy exit. [6] Once outside, walk north (uphill) on Boulevard Robert-Bourassa, which is named Rue University north of Sherbrooke. The address is 3425 Rue University.

[edit] Going to Hôtel Universel Montréal

Get off the subway at the Viau station. Either take the 136 bus and get down on the corner of Viau and Sherbrooke (not far from the station), or call the Hotel and have the shuttle pick you up: 514-253-3365 extension 0.

For more general information about public transit in Montreal, see the getting around article.

[edit] Taxi

Taxis from the airport to downtown Montreal is priced at a fixed fare of 40$. It might cost you more to get to the venue, since it is east of the downtown area.

You can simply hail for a cab at the airport or you can reserve one in advance. For more information on taxis, see the Getting Around article.

Uber is also available at the airport.

[edit] By car

See the WikiTravel article about car travel to Montreal. Once you figured out your way to Montreal, you will arrive by one of the many bridges in the city:

From highway:

  • from quebec city and eastern provinces, you arrive through 40 west: keep going on the 40 until exit 78 Langelier. Make a left on boulevard langelier and cross under the highway then immediately take a right on Jean-Talon. Keep going until Viau then make a left on Viau. Then drive down until after the large Maisonneuve park and make a right on Sherbrooke. Keep going for 1.7km until you find the venue. suggested route
  • from toronto and ontario, you probably arrive on 40 east: keep going on the 40 until exit 75 St-Michel. Make a right on St-Michel. Keep going until Rachel then make a left, then keep going until rue Valois and make a right. The venue is at the end of the street.
  • from north of quebec you arrive on 15 south: you are obviously from the Quebec province, so you probably know the way already. just in case, suggested route. ;)
  • from the US and eastern townships, you probably arrive on 15 north or 10 west: this is near the Champlain bridge. do not take the bridge: if you are on highway 15, keep going, from highway 10, take the exit right before the bridge towards highway 20 east. Exit at exit #81 and follow directions for Jacques-Cartier bridge. Cross the bridge then follow directions for Sherbrooke street. Take a right on Sherbrooke, then keep going until the venue. suggested route
  • from the east of quebec, you probably arrive on 25 north and 20 west: this is through the Hippolyte-Lafontaine tunnel. cross the tunnel and take the second exit to sherbrooke then turn right on sherbrooke. keep going until you hit Pie-IX street then make a left on Pie-IX and then immediately a right on Pierre-de-Coubertin. The venue is at the end of that street.

[edit] By train

[edit] By bus

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