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[edit] TODO list

[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
Conference dinner loni, madduck high The restaurant made a mistake. The chairs have been asked to extend budget

accordingly. We're waiting for that.

How to do badges?
Job fair, showcase booths DLange high Status: Floor plan for job fair available, venue is working on sponsor booth area (entry foyer); List of tables and chairs available, those need alloc. to the rooms / exhibition spaces Status update and next steps
Child care  ? medium Decide on a way forward on this
Open weekend plan / webpage santiago / maxy medium Status update
Getting there webpage _rene_ medium A draft is around, but unsure where Status update
Day trip  ? medium

We should make a decision soon as we are organising busses for the conf dinner and could really benefit from a package deal.

Find a responsible person to drive this
T-shirts DLange (with nattie) medium We need about 500 shirts printed by August; add logo etc. deadline probably May 31st. Status update
Conf bags DLange medium We need about 400 conference bags. Budget: 5€/bag
Arrivals, local transport  ? low The idea has been floated to provide attendees with an individualised PDF containing details about their payment and arrival instructions. Could possibly double as a local transport ticket. Find a responsible person to drive this
Bistro selection  ? low Youth hostel is willing to offer regional and independent foods/drinks Find a responsible person to drive this
Open topics madduck low Figure out items for the next meeting
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