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[edit] Venue

[edit] Brainstorming

  • Consider organizing a second washing machine if venue is fine with it
  • Fans for the rooms

[edit] Scouting tasks

  • dimensioned plan of the entry area to be used for the sponsor exhibition (pls. commit to debconf-team/dc15/venue/plans) [done, Zugschlus, 2015-04-23]
  • ethernet cable plan for the whole building (pls. commit to debconf-team/dc15/venue/plans) [in work, zugschlus]
  • photo of server rack / patch rack and indication (partly confidential, ask RichiH for access) [done, Zugschlus, 2015-04-23]
  • vendor, model and count of access points (AP) for the venue's home grown WiFi (result: "We don't want to use that") [done, Zugschlus, 2015-04-23]
  • projector ("beamer") locations and make/model (pls. commit to debconf-team/dc15/venue) [in progress, Zugschlus, ETA 2015-04-23]
  • contact info for local IT guy and electrician (can be asked for via Email; pls. commit to debconf-team/dc15/venue) [taken, Zugschlus, ETA 2015-04-23]
  • a good look at the local electrical system (16A are good for ~20 notebooks) so where there will be more needing power at the same time on one circuit, we'd need a pre-warning (ping RichiH and DLange on irc) [taken, Zugschlus, ETA 2015-04-23]
  • take photos of the stage area in the Heidelberg 1-3 room and Berlin + London room (as if viewed from a attendee sitting somewhere in the middle). Needed for roll up banner mockup by Valessio (only valid if available before 2015-07-13). [not possible due to rooms being used by third party, DLange, 2015-07-08]
  • look for space to hang a banner with the sponsor logos in the lobby (approx. 4x3m space). Do we need any material to mount the banner (rope etc.)? [done, DLange, 2015-07-08]
  • assess "Stellwände" for job wall. What type are they (take photo) and how can we fix A3 print outs to the "Stellwände" (pins or sticky tape)? [done: Pins supplied by venue, DLange, 2015-07-08]
  • water supply [done: see ML mail from 2015-07-07, madduck, 2015-07-08]
  • cellphone network coverage: which networks have good coverage in the hostel?

NOTE: ^-- pls. mark tasks as [taken, nickname, ETA: 2015-mm-dd] or [done, nickname] so we don't do stuff twice

[edit] Venue furniture / equipment

NB: Just a dump from the email this is documented early. We need to put that into a spreadsheet and manage allocations to rooms/other locations/projects when we get closer to the event.

  • Tagungsräume Berlin/London: 22 Stck. 1,75 x 0,75m / 3 Stck. 1,25 x 0,75m, ca. 80 Stühle mit blauem Bezug
  • Halle: 14 runde Tische (Sitzhöhe) 0,8 m Durchmesser + Stühle sowie 4 Stehtischte mit 0,8m Platte
  • Raum Heidelberg: 68 Stck 1,20 x 0,60 m / 11 Stck 1,00 x 0,60 m / ca. 20 Stehtische, ca 250 Stühle mit grauem Bezug
  • Insgesamt noch ca. 100 Stühle mit rotem Bezug in den Gruppenräumen im A-Gebäude, hier sind auch jeweils 33 Stck. Tische mit 1,4 x 0,7m sowie 12 Stck. 0,8 x 0,8 m Tische
  • In der Disko gibt es ca. 6 bewegliche Hocker, im Bistro gibt es 10 Hocker
  • Wir haben ca. 15 Stellwände sowie 15 Flipcharts
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