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[edit] General

  • Since we are a private event, we do not need to go via the city and we do not need to follow legal restrictions. This also means it's up to us to ensure that the babysitters will know what they do and behave.
  • Essentially, we are not looking for professional staff, but babysitters. This is because we are not trying to educate the kids, just make sure they get along and don't hurt themselves.
  • Ideally, we can outsource this. If the Verein does it, it'd mean liability and also VAT on a service, i.e. when we charge the parents. Doable, but a lot of work with insurance, hiring/contracts and accounting.
  • If we employ, there's a legal baseline income of 8,50 €/hour.

[edit] Assumptions

  • 12 kids 1½–4 years
  • 12 kids 4–10
  • 10–18 every day, meals at the hostel

[edit] External providers

[edit] State offering

Not available to us, but here for comparison:

  • 5 kids / person, 7 kids / person with multiple carers, 9 kids / person if one of them is professional
  • 5,70 € / kid and hour payable to the staff
  • (Heidelberg) parents pay depending on their income

[edit] Beds

Find child care places e.g. using and see if one of them is closed during August, then see if we can rent their beds for our kids.

[edit] Resources

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