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[edit] TODO list

[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
Visa invitation letters n0rman high n0rman needs someone to sign letters and that person should be a local.

RichiH and Ganneff can either sign themselves (individually), or delegate to someone to do it.

Make a final decision as visa letters need to go out
Conference dinner loni, madduck high Awaiting an offer. Main changes as of late:
  • choice out of four needs to be made relatively early in the DC15 week and coded on badges etc.
  • non-alcoholic drinks for free for 2½ hours
  • we buy a fixed amount of kegs and wine bottles and serve until they are empty
  • up-front-payment required, doable via SPI
How to do badges?
Job fair, showcase booths DLange high Status: Floor plan for job fair available, venue is working on sponsor booth area (entry foyer); List of tables and chairs available, those need alloc. to the rooms / exhibition spaces
Sponsor fulfillment  ? high More and more sponsors want to know details. At the moment, most are told to expect us to reach out to the "in May". This needs to be prepared and managed. Find a responsible person to drive this
Open weekend plan / webpage santiago / maxy medium Create a webpage for the public ASAP
Getting there webpage _rene_ medium A draft is around, but unsure where Create a webpage for the public
Day trip  ? medium

We should make a decision soon as we are organising busses for the conf dinner and could really benefit from a package deal.

Find a responsible person to drive this
T-shirts DLange (with nattie) medium We need about 500 shirts printed by August; add logo etc. deadline probably May 31st. Status update: nattie and DLange have inq'd with suppliers; asked Valessio for design, he'll have a go at it. Budget: 10€/shirt, incl. 3 different colours.
Conf bags  ? medium We need about 400 conference bags. Budget: 5€/bag Find a responsible person to drive this
Child care  ? medium Find a responsible person to drive this
Press work RichiH medium Press release is still pending, but at the moment we have 350 registrations,

and it's questionable how much publicity we want to generate since we don't know yet where to cap and what to do if we get too many

Postpone this to dc-team meeting
Arrivals, local transport  ? low The idea has been floated to provide attendees with an individualised PDF containing details about their payment and arrival instructions. Could possibly double as a local transport ticket. Find a responsible person to drive this
Bistro selection  ? low Youth hostel is willing to offer regional and independent foods/drinks Find a responsible person to drive this
Open topics madduck low Figure out items for the next meeting
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