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Dear Videoteam volunteers, please update this page accordingly, some sections need to be adjusted to summit

Please remember we need a lot of hands to prepare the setup for the streams, fix rooms, check audio, test video, setup rooms. So we need volunteers for work on video team, add yourself here!

So you want to help the videoteam? Great! Much appreciated!

Volunteer signup is not yet implemented in summit. There is a clipboard by the font desk with the list of talks and blank lines. Put your name on the line and remember to show up at the specified time. It doesn't have spaces for ad-hoc talks, if you want to help with a specific ad-hoc event show up in the right place at the right time and do so.


[edit] Production

Each session needs people to fill the following roles:

  • Room coordinator (actually, one coordinator per room in the morning and one for the afternoon)
  • Audio mixer
  • Vision mixer
  • Camera operator (for the audience)
  • Camera operator (for the stage)

Each day needs two session coordinators, one for morning/afternoon each.

Sign up for roles using a pen on the form in the front desk.

We also need someone to monitor the video streams at a dedicated computer throughout the day, letting the production team know of any issues through IRC (#debconf-video).

[edit] Cheat sheets

Quick instructions to get you started:

[edit] Reviewing

This page explains the Reviewing workflow, which will be done through Veyepar. Talk to CarlFK if you want access to this. This needs to be reviewed/adapted to summit

[edit] Team members

Name IRC nick Arrive Depart tshirt-size
Holger Levsen h01ger TBD TBD L
Carl Karsten CarlFK 20.08 02.09 M
René Mayorga rmayorga 23.08 01.09 L
Stefano Rivera tumbleweed 20.08 01.09 XL
Eric Dantan Rzewnicki edrz 24.08 31.08 XL
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz tiago 22.08 (or earlier for setup if needed) 01.09 M
Tássia Camões Araujo tassia 22.08 01.09 S
Valessio Soares de Brito valessio 22.08 01.09 L
Judit Foglszinger urbec 20.08. 01.09. XXL
Melvyn Gomez elsimio TBD TBD M
Santiago R.R. santiago 22.08 01.09. M
Simon Fondrie-Teitler simonft 21.08 31.08 N/A
Agustin Henze tin 21.08 1.09. M
Frank lin Piat franklin 20.08 (?) 02.09 (?) M
Christoph Egger christoph 22.08. 01.09. XL
Andy Simpkins RattusRattus 20.08 02.09 XL
Dominic Hargreaves Dom 22.08. 01.09. M
Josue Ortega noahfx 22.08. 02.09. M
Joe Rayhawk jrayhawk Local Local S
Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir 22.08. 01.09. XL
Jonathan Bustillos jathan 08.08. 25.08. S
add your details above and ask h01ger on irc (#debconf-video) to add your volunteer rights in pentabarf/summit?

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