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[edit] Agenda

  • Team roundtable
    • Finance and Sponsorship status
    • Registration
    • Bursaries
    • Talks
    • Network
    • Video
    • Bar
    • Cleaning
  • Press
    • press annoucement
    • Swiss local newspapers' annoucement (fr,de,it ?)
    • Eventual on-site presence, which day? Birthday party?
    • Eventual interviews? Who?
  • Volunteers
    • Where do we need more volunteers?
    • How to get more volunteers?
  • Transportation
    • Please add your car to DebConf13/Cars if you come by car
    • Who has large things to transport to Le Camp and no transportation yet?
  • Material
    • Please add stuff to DebConf13/MaterialToOrganize
    • projectors anyone?
    • first-aid kit anyone -> otherwise someone should buy a basic set of things (what?)?
  • DebCamp arrival
    • Proposal we meet at 11am in Le Camp
  • Daily meetings during DebCamp/DebConf
    • Proposal meetings after lunch 1330 local time
  • Participant information
    • complete DebConf13/FAQ , what information in the wiki is needed
    • last mail to participants with last minute info, accomodation and their data?

[edit] Minutes

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