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[edit] Information to be moved to other parts

  • Debian Birthday Party: Friday 16 August 2013


 Route du Camp 7
 CH-2028 Vaumarcus

[edit] SIM Cards

[edit] (travel) Accessibility


[edit] Venue

[edit] Electricity

[edit] Power Outlets

Switzerland has its own standard which is described in SEC 1011, It will mostly work for type C connectors (also known as "Europlug") European connectors. It will not work with type E (French earthed) or type F (also known as "Schuko").

Just take note that the voltage is 230VAC/50Hz, most modern netbook & notebook power supply supports working from 100 - 240VAC, 50-60HZ, but check on yours just to be safe, and also check if you need and adapter, for images and more info you can check wikipedia and this other link

[edit] Money

[edit] in Switzerland

  • general hints on changing/withdrawing money

[edit] at LeCamp

  • nearest ATM / exchange possibility
  • payment methods at the Bar etc.: cash - which currency(/-ies)?; cards?; pre-paid vouchers (n $drinks, n CHF, ...)?
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