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This is the list of cars that will be available for use by the DebConf Team members during DebConf13.

Owner Car Plate number From To Available for other drivers Comment
1 Wouter Verhelst Renault Mégane (2009) 2013-08-06 2013-08-18 No I'm happy to drive around for the organization if necessary, but I'm not handing out my keys.
2 Christian Perrier Citroën Évasion 609 BNQ 78 2013-08-06 2013-08-18 Yes 7-seater minivan : can be used as "collective" taxi for special needs. Ok to hand out my keys.
3 Michele Cane Opel Corsa - 2013-08-08 2013-08-18 ? Can drive aroud and go to buy things for bar. Relatively small car.
4 Elmar Heeb Peugeot 308cc - 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 No Space for 3 additional people; the back seats are not overly big (convertible). Moderate space for luggage. Can drive around if needed, but will not hand out keys. Can help carry stuff and/or people from/to Zurich if needed.
5 Elimar Riesebieter BMW 1 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 ? 3 additional passengers, small luggage compartment, won't hand out key. Can pick up people and/or stuff from the area of Stuttgart.
6 Philip Hands Landrover Defender 110 2013-08-06 2013-08-18 No up to 3 additional passengers (plus a small one on the middle seat), large luggage capacity, won't hand out key.
7 Holger Levsen yes - 2013-08-05 or 6 2013-08-18 Yes Relatively small car. Ok to hand out keys.
8 Lucas Nussbaum Peugeot 207 SW 2013-08-06 2013-08-18 Yes 4 or 5 people total. quite large luggage capacity. OK to hand out keys to people used to driving. small problem: I'm planning to bring a bike, and might store it in the car if no other place to store it is available in Le Camp ("anywhere outside" doesn't work, it's a fairly expensive bike).
9 Aude Ford ka 2013-08-11 2013-08-18 No Small car.I can go buy things to refill bar.
10 Richard Hartmann BMW 3 Touring 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 No Five seats, large trunk. Will drive for food ;)
11 Sébastien Villemot Peugeot 306 123MHT75 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 Yes Small old car. Ok to hand out keys.
12 Eduard Bloch Fiat Punto (Grande/2012) 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 No Small car but 5 seats in total. Limited luggage capacity. Could pick up people from the area of Karlsruhe-Basel. Can drive around if needed but will not hand out the key.
13 Enrico Zini Citroën C3 2013-08-09 2013-08-18 Maybe Small car, 5 seats; happy to hand out keys to orga people or people I know well, uncomfortable about handing out keys otherwise.
14 Simó Albert i Beltran Volkswagen Golf IV 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 No 5 seats. I can drive whenever is needed, but I can't hand out keys because the car is not mine.
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