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This page lists material we need to organize. Please put your name behind an item if you can bring something.

Item Needed by Organized by Arriving at venue
Projector for BoF Room 1 (Infocus LP-530 1024x768, VGA-only) talk infrastructure, gaudenz Philipp Hug 2013-08-06
Projector for BoF Room 2 talk infrastrcture, gaudenz Didier Raboud (OdyX)
15x 8-port GB-Switches network infrastructure, XTaran/hug Philipp Hug 2013-08-06
First-aid kit (for front-desk) Didier Raboud (OdyX)
MFP machine (printer / copier / scanner) sponsored by HP
toner --
2x 500 sheet paper A4 hug 2013-08-06 (with XTaran)
laminator A4 gaudenz 2013-08-06
1x laminating sheets (100 x dina4) hug 2013-08-06
Handheld labeling machine, Brother P-Touch 1005 gaudenz 2013-08-06
2x tz tape for labeling machine (TZ-S221/TZE-221) hug 2013-08-09 (Swiss Post, StegPC)
Label Printer for name tags OdyX hug 2013-08-06 (hug)
labels for 400 people OdyX hug 2013-08-09 (digitec, SwissPost 99.60.014009.24142197)
nametags for 400 people OdyX OdyX
cat5 connectors
crimp tool gaudenz 2013-08-06
network testers
label printers Brother P-Touch 65 (fil) Philip Hands (fil) 2013-08-06
P-Touch labels (2x M-K221 MK-Band 9 mm schwarz auf weiss, 8 m) Philipp Hug 2013-08-08 (Swiss Post, StegPC)
additional label/tape printer
9v Batteries (x15) video team hug ( order) 2013-08-09
non-recharchable batteries (AA) video team hug ( order) 2013-08-09
charger for AA batteries (at least 4 ports) (ideally x4) video team cate (x1), gaudenz (x1) 2013-08-06
Gaffer Tape (3x50m rolls)
i.e. AT202 Gloss Cloth Gaffa. If you can find it at a sane price, an additional roll of the Matt tape (i.e. AT200/AT201) in black should be good for on-stage.
video team heiserhorn 2013-08-08
PCI-X Firewire card video team hug ( order) 2013-08-08
10x Power strips network team hug ( order) 2013-08-08
20 swiss plugs network team hug ( order) 2013-08-08
more Gaffer Tape
I (fil) cannot guess how much is needed, having not been to the site ... get too much ;-)
networking team heiserhorn 2013-08-08
Toolbox, screwdrivers, hammer, various tools gaudenz 2013-08-06

  • Stuff to order: please give exact product number (hug)
    • replacement toner b/w (Samsung CLT-K406S, schwarz) (why do we need this?? there is no matching printer in the list above??, gaudenz)
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