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[edit] DebConf infrastructure team

[edit] Tasks and responsibilities

  • Sysadmin (within DSA as well as services, website and summit included)
  • On-site network
  • Videoteam

[edit] Current members

  • Team lead: Richard Hartmann
  • Team shadow: Stefano Rivera
  • Team player: Marcelo Gutierrez, aka mmgc84
  • Team member: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki (edrz)
  • Team member: Allison Randal (wendar)
  • Team member: Bernelle Verster (indiebio), at this stage pending successful DC16 Cape Town bid.
  • Team member: Gaudenz Steinlin, mostly interested in on-site infrastructure work
  • Team member: Hannes von Haugwitz (hvhaugwitz)
  • Happy to be a team member: Andy Simpkins (RattusRattus) - Video Team Infrastructure and operations
  • Team member: Giacomo Catenazzi (cate) - Summit
  • Team member: Marc Haber (Zugschlus)
  • Team member: Daniel Lange (DLange)

[edit] Processes

FIXME: review/update the following content from the DebConf Manual

[edit] Timeline

FIXME: Integrate team timeline in Timeline.

[edit] Resources

[edit] Editions

[edit] 2015

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