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[edit] DebConf coordination team

[edit] Tasks and responsibilities

  • Call for general meetings
  • Keep track of the DebConf calendar and time-line
  • Budget agreement
  • Keep track of books and money logistics
  • Gather the DebConf committee
  • Define bid selection rules
  • Recruit and assign bid mentors
  • Watch for problems in teams
  • Request processes to be documented

[edit] Current members

  • Team Lead: Margarita Manterola
  • Team Shadow:
  • DebConf Chairs: cate, Tassia, Tincho
  • Other members: Holger, Madduck, Hug, Faw, Nattie, Maxy, Gaudenz, Laura Arjona, René Mayorga, RichiH, Stefano, Brian Gupta, Allison, Moray, nkukard

[edit] Roles

  • The "poker": Maxy
  • Treasurer:
  • Communications: Laura Arjona
  • Bid commitee:
    • Team Representatives: Patty Langasek (fundraising), René Mayorga (content), Norman Garcia (participant assistance), Richard Hartman (infrastructure), Marga (coord)
    • Former members: Holger Levsen, Guido Trotter, Philip Hug, Tiago (vac), Gunnar Wolf

[edit] Processes

FIXME: review/update the followin content from the DebConf Manual

[edit] Timeline

[edit] Resources

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