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[edit] Agenda

  1. Content team status
  2. Budget
    1. is the sponsorship budget for attendees good enough?
    2. in the ledger file, daytrip is zeroed. is there a plan?
  3. Job fair requirements
    1. Size of stands
  4. Food allowed?
  5. Requirements?
  6. Dining options, wiki comparison:
  7. General
    1. Parking status
    2. Billing status
    3. Network status

[edit] Feedback on Actions from last week:

  1. Minutes:
  1. indiebio to contact about Parking - no response yet
    1. First prize would be to organise parking spaces for people (no mess, no admin), but maybe option 2 is more realistic, and we just facilitate people to get their own disks:
    2. from : " Temporary parking disk
    3. Visitors to the Campus for more than one day are entitled to purchase these disks for a daily fee. This entitles them to park in yellow or unmarked parking bays."
  2. indiebio to confirm format of bathrooms in Fuller

" The only open bathroom with shared facilities are in I Flat all other Flats has two single bathrooms single bathrooms (1 shower and 1 bath). Besides I flat the showers and baths are on the ground floor and there is one toilet room on the 1st and 2nd floor. The corner flats (D,E & N) has more bathrooms to accommodate more people."

  1. indiebio (and help!) to investigate airport transport options - no progress yet - is this not good enough? (thanks to whoever did that)
  2. indiebio to make a comparison wiki for catering. all to contribute -
  3. tamo to book the aquarium
  4. weekly time: no change yet. FILL OUT THE POLL, PEOPLE

[edit] Minutes


[edit] Actions

  1. tamo to put together daytrip options
  2. wendar and indiebio to sort out open weekend track in wafer
  3. indiebio to bug ganneff to please put indiebio's email on the fulfillment@.. forwarder
  4. indiebio and tamo to explore glasshouse (menzies) and molly blackburn hall for potential as eating space
  5. highvoltage will organize insurance for the AIMS computers lend to the video team
  6. RichiH to sort out network and mail venue by the weekend

RichiH to coordinate with video team about servers, and organise obtaining and placing them

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