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[edit] Getting to the Venue from CPT Airport

The recommended ways to get from the Airport to the UCT upper campus have been via Taxi or Uber, but Uber is controversial in Capetown at this time.

The estimated cost of a taxi is R181.80 for the 16.6 km 20-minute trip. Uber quotes R134.00 - R178.00.

Ask for UCT Upper Campus as your destination. Then get them to drop you at Fuller Hall, at the base of the Jammie steps, on Residence Road. Fuller Hall is the building to your right, facing the city.

If you would like to have a shuttle service arranged, please send an email to with your flight details. While we can't guarantee anything at this stage, we'll try our best to assist you.

[edit] Some Disadvantages of Public Transport

The most convenient public transport route would probably be to take a MyCiTi bus into town, walk across to the train station, and take a train to Rondebosch. That still leaves the 15 minute walk up the hill, and would not cost significantly less than a taxi.

The university shuttle service, the Jammies, does NOT go to the airport. Connecting with the Jammie from other public transport options is an adventure and not recommended for non-locals. (It's safe, but complicated. And requires a student card, which you'll only get after registering.)

The MyCiTi bus service does not have a convenient stop at UCT and stops running at 10pm.
The closest stop is Upper Roodebloem for a cost of R54.60 - R81.20 (depending on peak/off-peak), plus a one-time fee of R30.00 to get a myconnect card. Walking to the venue from the Upper Roodebloem stop would take about an hour.

The Metrorail train has a stop at Rondebosch 1.72km from UCT (15 minute walk), but does not have a station at the Airport. There is one 4.8km away - Lavistown - but it's a ~1.25 hour walk and the path goes over a bridge. We do not recommend that anyone do this. Price of a ticket would be R7.50. It is also not recommended to ride the Metrorail at night.

[edit] Public Transport

A MyCiTi bus at the central station

We would recommend that most attendees use MyCiTi, Uber, and metered taxis to get around Cape Town.

Compared to Europe, Cape Town has fairly poor public transport. Taking public transport in Cape Town is not ideal when you are in a rush, but is very convenient and relaxing once you understand how it works.

The Metrorail train lines don't cover the city very well, and have had crime trouble in the past. There are sections that are considered safe during the day, and the Southern line that serves the university to town section is arguably the best functioning. Recently, the GoMetro app made it easier to check the state of the line in real time. Rondebosch (below UCT) to Cape Town Central Station takes about 15 minutes. Plan to have adequate time for delays, but in heavy traffic the trains are the better option. Going the other way, the views by train to Simon's Town are spectacular.

The unregulated Minibus Taxis are considered by some not to be particularly suitable or friendly to tourists, but as an African experience is fun and efficient. The best way to utilise this mode of transport is to ask people around you which stop to go to to get where you want to go, and if you feel uncomfortable, to ask someone for help. South Africans are very friendly and eager to help, in general. Travel times are similar to the trains, and they're very cheap.

More recently, there has been a rise in metered Taxi cabs, and Uber has launched, competing squarely with them. Taking metered taxis or rental cars are strongly dependent on traffic, and the university to town can take anything from 15 minutes to an hour, 25 minutes being more typical.

You can expect to pay around R10 (€0.72) / km for a metered taxi. Drivers are often open to negotiation up-front on a flat fee for a trip.

Launched for the 2010 world cup, there is a bus service, MyCiTi, that covers the City Bowl, Northern Suburbs and airport fairly well. At the time of writing there is not a convenient link between MyCiti and the University in Rondebosch. Commuting times are similar to rental cars, although they have dedicated lanes during peak traffic. MyCiti Android App.

The University of Cape Town also has a dedicated 'Jammie' shuttle service. The Jammie shuttles are a very convenient way to commute around the hilly campus, as well as to close by places (where there are university residences and other campuses associated with the university). The shuttle has one route into the city centre (Hiddingh campus) and goes as far south as Claremont. While it is not a suitable option for a day trip or a wine tour, it covers most day-to-day necessities, should you wish to explore the daily life of locals. Holiday schedule.

[edit] Car rental

If you prefer to have a vehicle to use at your leisure, consider renting from RentMyRide. They are a peer-to-peer car rental company based in Cape Town, building a vehicle sharing economy and encouraging local entrepreneurship. Their servers run Debian Jessie. Hatchback's are available for under R200/day and 7-seater vans are available for under R700/day.

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