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[edit] Catering

We're trying to trade off quality and being able to deal with the numbers for DebConf. DebCamp eats at UCT Sports Club [[1]].

Final score: 0 = not suitable, 1 = suitable or may be suitable, 2 = major attraction

[edit] Potential Caterers

0. Caterer 1. Has own kitchen? 2. Available seats to eat? 3. Comments 4. Overall score
UCT Sports Club (Matt Fox) Yes 140
Foodtrucks Yes None - informal Need powerpoint, water point. Outside eating, no dedicated seating. Tent? 0

[edit] Potential eating spaces

0. Venue 1. Seating 2. Contacts 3. Comments 4. Overall score
Fuller residence 200 Only want their own caterers. Not willing to do special dietary needs
Engineering foyer unknown Noise is an issue, it's a working environment
Leslie >250 Under maintenance, unavailable 0
Mollie Blackburn Hall Close to residence, has been used for Computer Science events
Glasshouse, Menzies Close to the conference venue
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