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[edit] General Points

  • Attendance info

[edit] General actions from meeting

specific points are incorporated into status report below.

[edit] Task Groups Status Report

Team Topic Action
Content team CfP draft: Deadlines for registration ACTION: indiebio sends bremner an email with the rough timeline of CfP and asks for approval from bursaries side (DLange, 18:50:22)
Participant assistance team
Facilities team CMC contract ACTION: madduck to get update on SPI contract signing (indiebio, 19:09:13)
Social Activities team
Fundraising team Marketing plan
ACTION: ALL, and indiebio, larjona create/review marketing plan & initial efforts after sprint (Friday/weekend) (indiebio, 19:03:40)
* ACTION: Sledge and bgupta to update letters and tidbits to use for fundraising (the email and web template and how to guide) (indiebio, 19:02:49) [mostly done]
Treasurer team
Infrastructure team wafer website: sponsor ready? ACTION: larjona find out when wafer can have a sponsor page ready - rough timeline, getting all on the same page when what becomes available (indiebio, 19:04:40)
Video team
Coordination team
Publicity Link: (indiebio, 18:55:31). Shape marketing plan. indiebio joins @debconf on twitter.
DebConf Committee
DebConf Chairs

[edit] Person Status Report

What are people busy with?

Can each teammember put

  1. What they have been doing and will be doing for the next two weeks
  2. What they need from other people to help them.

(Listed alphabetically, please add yourself if you're not here and doing stuff)

Person Topic Help needed?
ginggs would like to send info to a SA company - what to do? Update fundraising email template (bgupta) - DONE
Have a how-to for people who source (local) sponsors and wish to contact them, on wiki (wendar, indiebio to assist)
cate [in holidays till 15 Oct]
DLange preparing for sponsorship requests
got contact to UCT SAP University alliance from ggings [todo] introduce in next sponsor meeting, send initial email CCing ggings
edrz reading wafer
Ganneff the VM is up and running. Needs somebody to do thw wafer install (and in the course of this probably a few more things needs to be installed system-wide by Ganneff (we have no root access))
ginggs study leave / awaits further instructions
indiebio Source local sponsor leads (indiebio to talk to Georg in Thursday)
DiF posts (Debian in the Field)
ShowMeBox designing participation
publicity -
ALL to help with sourcing local sponsors
highvoltage fundraising: ACTION: Put promising local sponsor leads into table Ideas wiki (or delegate?)
Hodgestar wafer progress
madduck SPI contract signed?
larjona Spread the word about sponsorship brochure (now? wait until the website has a proper page?) See this and other tasks (which need that *other people* take decisions) in
nkukard budget need items by <choose deadline> - someone to make some calls to get rough numbers?
RichiH email infrastructure requirements to ICTS contact CCing ginggs
tamo v2 brochure
logos on wiki - [done]
style guide
print ready brochure (reshuffle pages)
larjona needs only *1* logo URL. No hurry! but please *1* URL for the icon, not several
tumbleweed status update on website: Need to get it up on scratchy, will do this week

Gave highvoltage and superfly a quick tutorial, on running wafer

wendar (from sponsors meeting) Create a wiki page for sponsors-table format, similar to and update links (wendar)
Make sure the REPO README is up to date (wendar, bgupta)
s-t 2.0 and the dc16 file documentation (wendar)
Copy in all the non-local sponsors to DC16 sponsors-table (wendar)
Update sponsors-table 2.0 links in git and update wiki Fundraising (wendar)
Include instructions or a link to instructions (wendar indiebio to assist)
Create a how to for (anyone) to add sponsor leads to table(wendar indiebio to assist)

[edit] Summary of meetings for the next week

* Fundraising sprint: Thursday

[edit] Next Meeting

  • Date:
  • Agenda points raised during this meeting:
    • ACTION: discuss food included in pro/corp fee, list options at next meeting. current feeling: the rates as they were for DC15 are fine and food included (indiebio, 19:14:49)

[edit] Links

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