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[edit] DebConf Fundraising team

Most of the content from the Manual should be imported/linked here.

[edit] Current members

  • Team lead: bgupta
  • Team shadows: vorlon, harmoney
  • Team advisors: Clint, wendar, moray
  • Local team liaisons:
    • DC15: azeem, conny, DLange, madduck, marga, RichiH
    • DC16: indiebio
  • Other members:
    • Active: conny_ gaudenz hug madduck Marga schultmc zumbi RichiH azeem n0rman DLange
    • Semi-active: cate odyx Ganneff (for permanent sponsors)

[edit] Roles

  1. Accounting:
  2. Invoicing:
  3. Local team liason: conny_
  4. Updating DC15 website as new sponsors come online:
  5. Recruiting: All
  6. Update sponsors-table: All
  7. Evaluate fundraising progress: All

[edit] Procedures

[edit] Timelines (wip)

Completed DC15 tasks (need to fill in dates)

  • work with debconf-team to finalize sponsorship levels
  • updated sponsorship brochure
  • Fork and clean up sponsors table for next Debconf
  • Email DDA asking for sponsors, while coordinating with dc-team e.g.

DC15 todo

  • Coordinate with Mediasponsors for magazine ad
  • Check back on which media sponsors to display on website

Tosort tasks (braindump):

  • start discussion with local team to identify local sponsors (ASAP)
  • take care of initial DC14 web site
  • work with local team to get updated budget for fundraising targets
  • Contact debconfN-1 sponsors
  • bgupta: Explore media sponsorships for "Thank you Ad" sponsor benefit (Did someitme late 2013)
  • rafw: start contacting EU/CH leads (Done late 2013)
  • wendar: will investigate infastructure sponsors with Ganneff
  • bgupta: Reach out to Mediasponsors to have Debconf list of events webpage
  • bgupta: help rafw with finalreport (details TBD ASAP)

[edit] Resources

  • IRC: #debconf-sponsors@oftc (You will need to be invited to the channel by someone already in it.)
  • mailing
  • debian-sponsors Git repository
  • Request Tracker (RT) at Mails to go there and from there to the mailing list. For anything else the use of RT is optional. If you like it, use it. If you don't, you don't have to.
    • To get RT access, contact with a request.
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