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This page is for specific topics about DebConf16 Publicity.

1.- Read the Publicity wiki page in DebConf Manual for general DebConf Publicity task description.

2.- Have a look at the DebConf16/Timeline to see what is going on in the DebConf16 preparation.

3.- Have a look at the DebConf16/LocalTeamRoles to see who is available to work in publicity tasks.

4.- Edit this page to write your comments/ideas about the pending tasks.

5.- Write what has been done (articles published, etc) in "Done Tasks" so it is registered and eases the DebConf16 final report.

[edit] Done tasks

[edit] Pending tasks

1.- Help spread the word about the Sponsorship Brochure and the possibility of sponsoring DebConf.

  • The team needs to decide (1) when the DPN and microblogging should be published, (2) if linking to the website or linking directly to the PDF. After that, larjona can handle everything (reporting to the list before publishing) except the @debconf microblogging.

2.- Update the DebConf logo in

  • this is not hurry, but should be done before the first blog post about DebConf16. Once larjona receives the URL to the current logo, she will update the icon (when DebConf15 final report is published, she will swap the icon again).

3.- Decide who is going to handle @debconf twitter, and if there will be mirrors in the free networks.

  • larjona prefers not to handle twitter. She could handle a GNUSocial account with bridge to twitter for publishing, but anybody else should handle replies/retweets anyways, so...

4.- Review and complete the article introducing the section "Debian in the Field" in, and the first "Debian in the Field" articles (case uses of Debian in South Africa).

  • Drafts: and

  • larjona and indiebio will handle this.

5.- Answer the offering about press coverage by (See and subsequent thread).

  • The team should decide who will talk to the journalist and what kind of collaboration/help can we offer. Ideally some people with past experience with talking to journalists or a local volunteer (somebody knowing the media) should be in charge of this.

[edit] Discussion

Discussion should happen in the debconf-team mailing list (CC the debian-publicity mailing list when needed), and in the debconf-team irc meetings.

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