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Page created during DC15, ideas jotted on the run.


[edit] General

[edit] Tamo

After being at Debconf15 which has been a huge eye opener and lots of fun getting to chat to everyone, I have been offered chocolates from so many places, as we have a cheese evening could we not do a Chocolate evening where everyone brings chocolates from all over the world and that can be served with wine etc.

[edit] nkukard

  • Can Nigel use company cars as a shuttle?
  • Early on budget for all teams worst case scenario, can be adjusted in future if need be
  • video team / infra team to give budget on transport costs (pallet via ship) of equipment AND what it costs to rent locally so we have a backup plan

[edit] indiebio

  • remember to register pollito (Cauco Gallus-Gallus)
  • create surveys for previous attendees:
    • What swag bags from previous DCs did you like best, and what would you change about them to make them better?
    • Swag item: Thermos cups for DC16? With thermo-paint on the logo?!
  • Under 'things to bring', also have a 'what not to bring'
  • From previous experience, the last two weeks before the conference needs a dedicated person for everyone to contact, and that is a full-time job.
  • Sponsor swag - something special that CAN BE POSTED.
  • FAQ on whether dogs are allowed or not.
  • Debian merch: stickers, t-shirts. Hoodies?
  • budget for speakers
  • Mark Shuttleworth
  • translaters AT the conference
  • Inveneo, via maddog "telecomputation where it could not possibly exist" [1], Linaro, Connect
  • Bof for open day: list of MOOCs helpful for noobs
  • plenary: tech is not a social cure. Complexity... Allenby invited? (Transhumanism book?) - Note of caution, and setting context.
  • Effective volunteer system
  • Bio/Life/Sciences track
  • GIS track
  • water fountain
  • print T-shirts for DC17 teams at DC16?
  • step-by-step guide for newbies on website
  • what planning or preparation can be done to care adequately to health concerns (including mental health)
  • it must be fun for orga too
  • laundromat
  • build in 2 hours or so social time in every day. No orga meetings can be scheduled then. Yoga sessions,re,axing stuff may be. One-on-one meetings may be scheduled.
  • Whale season
  • Make a blog where DebConfers who have been to SA before can share their experiences.
  • VERY bright shirt or bib for e.g. Busmasters, guides.
  • accomm info:
  • work through DC15's wiki pages, and documentations sprint pages
  • Is the PocketLab something to explore, is it useful, e.g. for Show Me Box concept, is it open, should there be an open alternative?
  • start-up: prototype cloud on your desk. protoNet.
  • Section on website for LGBQT, also creative Cape Town, section for beer. These could be a short intro and then go to a wiki page...
  • Page on website that recommend things for longer stays, e.g. Kruger National Park - vaccinations for children required?
  • We miss the Debian birthday, what's the implications?
  • print key signing number (e.g ksp123) on badge, have it linked to summit number
  • follow up, Yvonne, Kenya, link up with Show Me Box.

[edit] highvoltage

  • Swag items
  • Attendee Support
    • A month (or more before conference), an attendee brochure - main talks, things needed to e.g. get leave.
    • Debconf Information Leaflets available at Airport Information
    • Direction/info posters at venue (like at DC12)
    • Free coffee all day, at minimum for debcamp but ideally as much as possible throughout
      • [DLange] please also tea then and free water
  • Racial diversity on team
    • Rhonda mentioned that our team isn't very racially diverse and we should fix that. I agree with her.
  • Potential Sponsors (uncontacted currently)
    • Hetzner South Africa:
    • Amazon
    • SITA
    • Praekelt
    • Dimension Data
    • Internet Solutions
    • Blue Cube Systems
    • Unomena
    • Takealot
    • PSF
    • LF
    • 2go
    • Thoughtworks
  • Remember sponsor bags (t-shirts, etc)
  • Note to self: remember Jonas's feedback list

[edit] stefanor

  • Meeting room for DPLs and press interviews.

[edit] Name tags, Badgers, Registration

  • Identical (front and back) printed name tags, [nkukard] FOLDED paper please so people can put thins inside, [DLange] KSP could use the summit ID as index and participants in the KSP could have an additional logo printed on the badge as an indicator
  • Include a preferred gender pronoun field
  • Decouple the caring side of Registration from the actual registration process: rethink the system to become much more efficient.
  • Affiliations on badgers

[edit] Things happening at Registration

  1. Summit look name up
  2. Badges, lanyard/pin.
  3. Conference dinner option sticker
  4. Booze sticker
  5. T-shirt, tally sizes
  6. Swag bag
  7. (Corporate swag)
  8. Summit: tick off
  9. Soap/stuff needed ad hoc
  10. Label your cheese, swag...
  11. Attendance certificate

[edit] Website

  • Have a pic on the website of the people - you're contacting a PERSON.
 nkukard: very good idea! and Pollito?
  • On website, have a wiki link (for attendees) that links to a summary page that lists the most NB pages in a user-friendly way (e.g. this page, but with less links)
  • On website, have a wiki link (for teams) in a place that does not suggest attendees click on it (a little bit hidden, say, bottom left) that links to a summary page NB for teams - incl. Timeline, Jobs/Tasks...
  • Website content has 4 phases:
    • Pre-registration
      • Simple, showing dates, visa info, juicy nuggets to inspire
      • Have 'expression of interest' (was: pre-registration) link/mailing list signup most prominent
    • During registration
      • Main link is to register.
    • During DebConf
      • Main links are to video stream, and schedule
    • After DebConf
      • Main links are to video archive, gallery.

[edit] International context

  • suggestion: Think of debconf and debcamp differently in the context of Africa. i.e. accommodate the reality that some people would just not go so far to South Africa. Provide spaces to allow them to participate effectively. e.g. Simultaneous DebCamp parties.
  • Translate talks? e.g. French, Portuguese (languages of Africa. ... ?)

[edit] Speakers

  • bdale from HP mentioned he's never been to Africa and mentioned before August should fit in with his schedule
  • invite Jon 'maddog' Hall
  • Bio/Life/Sciences track
  • GIS track
  • Education (schools, outreach projects) track
  • on dominant talking patterns - Rhonda blog. Depth leadership - Helene Smit?
  • | University of Cape Town sets water rocketry record Can we have one fly at DC16? Kinda like an outdoor event?

[edit] Speaker 'preparation'

  • Submit a minute-long video advertising your talk.

[edit] Sponsors

  • Debian in South Africa
  • Sponsors thank you gifts
  • Send sponsors/prospective sponsors a Show Me Box to play with??

[edit] Debian Day

  • do a genius bar desk where people can just come and get their debian (or derivative) installations fixed, get first time installs or just ask beginner-level questions
    • take 2h shifts at the "genius bar" to make sure everybody stays fresh and friendly
  • provide branded DVDs and USB sticks with Debian Installer

[edit] Talk ideas

  • A talk idea, to show the pragmatism of Debian: Economics. Economic theory, e.g. software reliability insurance. it's a conference about a movement. e.g. talks about Anonymous. Something that will reverberate.
  • Tongue in cheek talk, (won't use this one, but suggestion) Keynote/Plenary.? e.g. Racist guide to South Africa.

[edit] Crazy Ideas

  • there are suggestions of tattoo and piercing session on DebConf in SA. WHY NOT?! (from this blog) When is the tattoo festival?

[edit] Diversity, Outreach

(deleted from brochure) Hosting DebConf in Africa is a sterling opportunity to reach talent on the continent. We are planning to reach out to groups who would otherwise be less likely to attend our conference, in an effort to increase diversity among our attendees and benefit the conference in that way. One wish would be to have satellite venues across the continent, notable in Kenya and Nigeria. Another wish is to partner with existing local initiatives like R-Labs and AIMS to allow their participants to attend as well, in a facilitated manner tailored to their (and your) needs. If you are interested in this effort, we would love to hear from you. (footer:, - We need to contact them for an expression of interest before we publish this!!)

  • The Show Me Box, Kris Rose and co is working on this. (Was: Debian could launch a device, targeted to South African schools (high school level): (Kris Rose and ginggs chats) - e.g. maddog's talk, ARM stuff: need a purpose. timeline: Debian needs to build the machines, then you need workshops to explain how it works, then you need the actual competition.)
  • "Everyone needs to understand more about their community" - publically available data (do competitions with PDI schools) - ginggs and KrisRose (Ben Wellington). Get high schools to use simple data analysis (developed by 2 Sigma, now open), on publically available data. Do simple visualisations. The kids are being asked to invent ways to use this data. (Run before the conference, have winners present, have a Kids Fair or similar at DC16... Prize might include a ticket to next DC). Have Debian in the hands of the young generation. Main emphasis for sponsors may be the data analysis aspect.

[edit] Information art exhibition

  • link up with Knowledge is beautiful?
  • Information artist: Electric Sheep is a collaborative abstract artwork founded by Scott Draves. It's run by thousands of people all over the world. Scott Draves developed the Beaker tool originally in Two Sigma.
    • Note: Neil (DPL) may be interested in making this (device designed to make serious computing available to everyone. High school is the test environment) part of the Debian pitch. Kris can make the case study available from the New York example (Tammy: introductory video by participants). TED talk of Scott Draves.
  • People could also submit art made with molecular simulations.
  • More finds: Nvidia

[edit] Day Trip

  • Trip to the penguins, possibly followed by Cape Point visit
  • Mark Ter Morshuizen farm Honingklip - beer brewing using Linux, possibly preceded by a game farm visit, or whale watching?
  • Hiking
  • Cape Point
  • Historic city tour
  • maybe do a survey of expression of interest - what should we develop further? (Use as a marketing strategy as well...?)
  • tech daytrip (possibly more tailored/specialised, during DebCamp?) to Stellenbosch, AIMS, which may lead to outreach/development collaboration?
  • CONFERENCE DINNER [indiebio] I really don't think we should have a conf dinner, I don't think people network enough. From this blog, there's ideas for e.g. DebConf Lunch, or DebConf Dinner (at Kirstenbosch, or Spier, with a backup plan for if it rains??)

[edit] Food

  • 100% vegetarian, bring your own meat?
  • Food trucks
  • Herbivore support
  • Need to have a way to document and control single meals (e.g. lunch only) - food tokens may work.
  • Make clear if professional / corporate entry includes meals (at DC15 does not include, need to buy separately)

[edit] NOC

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