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[edit] Things to buy for the Cabling team / NOC

THIS LIST NOT YET FINISHED, work in progress

As discussed with richih, zobel, Mrfai, Dlange these may be things to buy and to send to the next debconf

  • the cabling team will walk much
  • the cabling team must have walkie-talkies to talk to each other and to the DHCP admins
  • consumables should not be shipped with items that will be returned

[edit] What we need:

  • 2 crimping tools
  • 2 cable testers
  • 10 RJ45 couplers (to create longer cables quickly)
  • 4 side/diagonal cutters [DLange: redundant to next line?]
  • 4 simple knifes (cutter knifes) AVAILABLE
  • Screwdrivers
  • High quality set of bits with torx and security torx (middle pin)
  • cable ties
  • waterproof pens
  • Labels for cables OR white gaffer tape
  • Head mounted flashlight
  • multi-outlet power strip (German?) for NOC Team [stefanor: videoteam has mountains of these, left over from DC15]
  • Multimeter, Duspol [DLange: what's a duspol]

  • 10 small 8 port switches for the tables AVAILABLE
    • with IEC sockets (no external power brick)
    • unmanaged but with STP
    • ALLNET ALL8898 / unmanaged 8 Port Gigabit Switch, no fan, internal power supply
    • Level One GSW-0809

  • IP phone (WiFi capable), portable?=
  • DECT phone with SIP capability, Gigaset C610IP
  • 2 Label printers Dymo (D1) or P-Touch with default cartridges (TZE). No TX cartridges.

  • Tool belt? Or a simple shoulder bag to store stuff while mounting devices.
  • cord/twine
  • Flightcase or similar, no plastic hinges (the video team has Pelicase)
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