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[edit] TODO list

[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background Goal
20:02 Summit status update cate high We want to open registrations ASAP Figure out what's left to do; give feedback on
20:10 DebCamp extra rooms (madduck?) high We have an option for HD I/II (70m²) and three small rooms (25m²) for sprints during DebCamp. This option expires today and we did not reach any form of consensus in two weeks. Reach a decision
20:20 Fundraising madduck high Our work is not done… Meeting 2015-02-03, hopefully more people will join and help
20:21 FSFE booth madduck medium FSFE want to staff a booth and ideally be allowed to sell merchandise. They cannot really officially support us financially due to the FSF-Debian relationship, and also because they don't have huge funds. They have offered to help us with media work and maybe content e.g. workshops on privacy etc.. Decide whether FSFE is special and can have a booth that is not in conflict with our offers to the gold sponsors
20:25 Reconfirmation process / timeline marga medium For every DebConf there's a reconfirmation deadline, for the purposes of lodging/food/t-shirts, etc. Establish the dates for reconfirmation and what it will mean when someone does or doesn't reconfirm
20:30 HD network RichiH medium Status update What are the next steps/deliverables/dependencies? Timeline?
20:31 Conference dinner  ? medium Status updates: Dedicate a responsible person and sketch a timeline
20:35 Day trip  ? medium Delegate to a responsible person and sketch a timeline
20:40 Website info (madduck?) medium Random people ask us about e.g. dates and where to book rooms etc.. Not many yet, but we should probably take that as a sign that there will be more and more, given location etc. Figure out if/how/where we can add information about dates, registration, rooms etc.
20:44 Press releases (larjona) low With the decision pushed out, we could/should make some noise. Maybe just an article telling people that it won't be long until registrations (incl. rooms) opens… Collect content ideas
20:48 Media partnerships (larjona) low Several media partners would like to work more closely with us Figure out content to give to them and what we generally want. Designate a responsible person.
20:52 Open topics madduck - What are the open issues? What are things we need to work on more/better? Update
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