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Meetbot minutes:

[edit] Agenda

Item Presenter Background Goal
Electing a "poker" marga This person keeps on top of deadlines and what people are working on, and coordinates. This means "poking" people to find out what's going on, and ideally identifying bottlenecks and delays as early as possible. Elect a person
Verein status madduck, RichiH The bureaucracy continues, but we are chugging along. All the information is here: none
Website status rene  ?  ?
Summit status update madduck none
CCC and FrOSCon dates rhalina, sur5r, conny
  • CCCamp will likely conflict, we can only wait. We have tried to prevent this, but maybe madduck didn't reach out to the right people, but in general, they have a lot of constraints.
  • FrOSCon will likely take place on 22/23 Aug 2015. We cannot really sacrifice Saturday, but maybe there ought to be a bus taking people to St. Augustin on Saturday afternoon/evening?
DC14 final report azeem, madduck Get some people to sign up and commit
Budget madduck Making a budget is really a lot easier if there are "sparrings partners" who are willing to engage in discussions about assumptions (e.g. # of attendees, travel sponsorship, etc.). Experience with DebConf would be a plus… Who can help?
Fundraising marga
  • The sponsorship brochure is done; volunteer(s) for translating into German are welcome.
  • The chairs and fundraising team are looking for people, volunteers for the team should email chairs at;
  • Fundraising ideas and potential sponsors are maintained on the wiki: DebConf15/FundraisingIdeas. Please contribute your ideas!
  • Sponsors should not be contacted without first coordinating with the team.
  • Declare brochure final
  • Ideally appoint a translator and fix a deadline
  • Recruit extra people for the team
Day trip madduck Get people to commit and formulate a deadline
Conference dinner madduck Get people to commit and formulate a deadline
Next meeting marga When we run out of time, we will have to figure out when we are meeting next.

[edit] Items not covered

Item Presenter Background Goal
Airline partnerships Caroll Contact all airlines in the list to know the benefits and how it works
Child care at DC15 formorer  ?  ?
General schedule format maxy This thread Decide a basic schedule
Time slot lengths maxy This thread Decide whether we should propose it to the talks team or not

[edit] Lessons learnt

  • One topic per topic
  • Maybe experiment with +v?
  • Some rules about when to speak up and how to add info to previous agenda items
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