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Start time
2013-08-15 17:30 CEST
Lawn @ DebConf13, Vaumarcus, CH
Participants (see #Tentative DC 15 team for bold entries)
  • Michael Banck <azeem>
  • Margarita Manterola <marga>
  • Holger Levsen <h01ger>
  • Florian Haftmann
  • Axel Beckert <XTaran>
  • Roland Stigge <stigge>
  • Julian Taylor
  • Franziska Lichtblau <rhalina>
  • Arne Wichmann <plentyn>
  • Andreas Barth
  • Maximiliano Curia <maxy>
  • Sven Müller <sven>
  • Sebastian Harl <tokkee>
  • Christoph Egger
  • Dennis Knorr <deknos>
  • Richi Hartmann <RichiH> (+ Ilona)
  • Bruno Kleinert <fuddl>
  • Martin F. Krafft <madduck>
End time
18:15 CEST


[edit] DC 11 post-mortem

The bids for BIH & MUC were more or less on par. marga reports that the distance between hostel and venue, and the usage of a tram was a stopper, even though the trams run every 10 minutes and the distance was walkable (albeit long). Accessibility and night-use were issues.

Other than that, there weren't really any show-stoppers, the decision between the bids was almost made by throwing a coin (remembers madduck).

[edit] Tentative DC 15 team

azeem identifies those people seriously interested in working on the local team. Those have been identified with boldface in the above list.

In general, agreement seems to be to place a generic "Germany" bid, rather than to risk having different German teams compete.

Both English and German are acceptable languages for DC15 organisation. Information on the wiki and mailing list articles that might be of relevance at a later stage in time should probably be composed in English.

[edit] Venue requirements

The participants find the DC13 venue to be very good, but not perfect. Accessibility and transport weren't optimal, but also not show-stoppers.

The DC15 venue could be similar, but it should have hotels, some sort of market, maybe a few restaurants, and better transportation options.

Accomodation was okay, but probably not properly communicated in advance. Expectation management is important.

Expected participants: 400–450 if within a city, 100 less if outside.

Some participants seem to favour a venue outside of a city to keep attendees together. An enclosed venue would require a local bar, possibly self-organised like at DC13.

If accomodation and conference site are not in the same location, then the maximum leisurely walking time between the two shall not exceed 15 minutes.

Requirements will be kept track on this wiki page.

[edit] Next steps

marga & rhalina present the possibility of a bid on Saturday.

The participants unanimously agree that we only want to place a final bid if we have a really good venue. By then, the local team will hopefully be obvious.

Everyone is invited to scout out possible venues and log them to the Wiki, even if they are too small or otherwise unsuitable.

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