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See also DebConf14/RequirementsGathering

  • 9 describes a must
  • 5 describes a nice-to-have
  • 1 describes luxury


[edit] Venue

Importance Category Requirement Met?
X Dimensions 400 attendees  ?
X Transportation < 15 minutes walking, independent of public transport options (late night, cost-saving, etc.)  ?
X Transportation Better-than-DC13 local transport connections  ?
X Accessibility 100 % wheel chair accessible  ?
X Accomodation Nearby hotels for those who need them. Distance requirement?  ?
X Catering A local bar as a social centre  ?
X Catering Supermarket nearby  ?
X Internet High-speed Internet access?  ?
X Internet Wi-Fi on site?  ?

[edit] Food

Importance Category Requirement Met?
X Catering More vegetables  ?
X Catering Food for families  ?
X Bar Cups with sponsor logo  ?

[edit] Registration

Importance Category Requirement Met?
X Badges QR-code on badges  ?
X Badges Sponsors on badges  ?
X Badges Self-description, editor, shell, etc., like LCA  ?
X Bags Mugs for professional/corporate attendees  ?

[edit] Programme offerings

Importance Category Requirement Met?
X Child care A way to leave children under supervision to attend talks and discussions  ?
X Talks Keynotes and/or organisational briefing in the mornings?  ?
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