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[edit] DebConf team meeting, Tuesday 18 September 2012 17 UTC, #debconf-team on

[edit] Date / Time

Tuesday 18 September 2012, 17 UTC

 $ date -d '@1347987600'

[edit] Prospective Agenda

[edit] Introduction

  • Chairs
  • Presences
  • Timing
    • Max 1.5h with 5 minute break after 45 min ?
    • Come prepared and be concise

[edit] DebConf12

  • Final Report

[edit] DebConf Global (non-DC12/DC13)

[edit] DebConf13

  • Fundraising:
    • (gismo) decide on sponsor levels/currency/discounts, see
      • (gismo) offer early payment discount (e.g. 2% or 5%) to help pay Le Camp and other early expenses?
      • (gismo) given the RMLL/LSM feedback about lack of in-country sponsorship, should EUR be used instead of CHF? Would make sponsors more comfortable?
      • (hug) can include a definite statement about VAT status? especially for foreign sponsors or is this subject to some formal recognition as a non-profit event?
      • (holger) imagine DebConf13 with only 100k CHF budget: what would we do?
    • (pocock) not sponsorship related: can a non-Debian event take place at Le Camp during the DebCamp week, to distribute the cost burden more widely? Le Camp's minimum 4880 CHF/night threshold may not be met otherwise.
  • (heiserhorn) Le camp contract
  • BSP at Le Camp: decide about the date: from [1] 27./28.10. seems most likly
  • Varia
    • Website: status
    • Volunteering: find a primary contact to get information from RMLL/LSM's organizers
    • Monthly cashflow forecast:
      • spreadsheet, when are outgoing payments due, month by month total payable up to August 2013?
      • How much promised so far? Anticipated payment dates known? On target for Le Camp and other critical instalment deadlines?

[edit] Minutes

Meetbot minutes

Meeting log

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