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Please remember we need a lot of hands to prepare the setup for the streams, fix rooms, check audio, test video, setup rooms. So we need volunteers for work on video team, add yourself here!

So you want to help the videoteam? Great! Much appreciated!


[edit] Production

Each session needs people to fill the following roles:

  • Vision mixer
  • Audio mixer
  • Camera operator (for the audience)
  • Camera operator (for the stage)
  • Room coordinator (actually, one coordinator per room in the morning and one for the afternoon)

Each day needs two session coordinators, one for morning/afternoon each.

Sign up on Pentabarf.

We also need someone to monitor the video streams at a dedicated computer throughout the day, letting the production team know of any issues through IRC (#debconf-video).

[edit] Cheat sheets

Quick instructions to get you started:

[edit] Reviewing

This page explains the Reviewing workflow which is done through Pentabarf. Talk to h0lger (fixme) if you want access to this.

[edit] Team members

Name IRC nick Arrive Depart tshirt-size
Holger Levsen h01ger already here :) - L
Edgar Becerra jergas done 16/7ish L
Philip Hands fil 26/6 17/7 XL - got it
Víctor Martínez vicm3 30/6 16/7 XL - got it
Judit Foglszinger urbec 01/7 15/7 XXL - got it
Leandro Gómez leogg 01/7 15/7 S
Aura Gutierrez lilix 01/7 15/7 XS
Stefano Rivera tumbleweed 07/7 15/7 XL - Got it
Marcelo Gutierrez mmgc84 01/7 15/7 M
Rafael Rivas tatotat 04/07 15/07 XL
Enrique Nabet nabs 07/07 15/07 XL
Eduardo Rosales jimbo 01/07 15/07 L
Giacomo Catenazzi cate 05/07 15/07 XXL
René Mayorga rmayorga already here 14/07 L
Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre 7/07 11/07 L
Joerg Jaspert Ganneff Not ever Not needed XXL
Franklin Piat franklin 1/7 14/7 L - got it
Luca Capello gismo 29/06 10/06 L
Ernesto Illescas el_erno already here 15/07 L
Sharon Gomez sharong already here 15/7 XS
Jamie Narvaez the punisher already here 15/7 S
Luis Uribe luisuribe 5/7 15/7 L - got it
Hector Oron zumbi 6/7 15/7 XXL
David Prévot taffit here 15/7 XL - got it
Catherine Nonet cathylafourmi here 15/7 M - got it
intrigeri intrigeri here 15/7 got it
Hansel Arastafiel Here *** M-got it
Ibel Yamato already here :) never S
Daniel Gillmor dkg already here :) July 15th M
Philipp Kern pkern already here :) July 14th M
Kurt Roeckx Q July 4th July 15th XL - Got it
Manuel Flores neozerosv July 8th July 15th M
Adolfo Taleno (Fito) fito July 1 HASTA QUE EL TRABAJO TERMINE M YA LA TENGO.
Manuel Sagett mnsagett July 6th July 15th L
Tiago Vaz tiago July 4th July 15th M
Simó Albert i Beltran sim6 July 7th July 15th M - got it
add your details above and ask h01ger on irc (#debconf-video) to add your volunteer rights in pentabarf

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