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[edit] Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Debconf12/FAQ-ES Spanish FAQ

[edit] DebConf12

When DebConf will start?

DebConf will take place from from Sunday 8 July to Saturday 14 July 2012 at UCA in Managua (Nicaragua), DebCamp starts on Sunday 1 July. See also the DebConf12 important dates.

How to register to DebConf (and DebCamp)?

Check out DebConf registration help (instructions, link, prices and deadlines).
Note:: you should remember to check the confirmation checkbox, if you want to attend.

Add short info to Nicaragua, Managua and UCA

[edit] Arriving to DebConf

How to reach DebConf?

To reach Managua, check the Travel page and the visas and customs informations
From Airport to the hotels and to the venue reaching venue
From hotels to the venue (and vice versa)
add address and phone of hotels and venue (front desk)
add a Managua map / a venue+Hotel local map

Are there requires/recommended vaccinations?

Health Care

Visiting Managua

Touristic information (what to see)
free time
Security information + Taxi

Money, ATM, etc.:

Currency, money, banks, exchange offices, etc.

[edit] At DebConf

What I need to bring?

DebConf12/Welcome (including plug informations)
Eventually Cheese and Wine

Venue, rooms





link to live stream + archives

[edit] Certificates of assistance

During the event a checkbox is going to be provided in the registration system (penta). To obtain a certificate of assistance you just have to check this box then. In case you need the certificate before the last day, please ask for it on the frontdesk. The certificate wil be bilingual (English and Spanish) and contains information about the days the person participated.

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