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[edit] Tracks at DebConf 10

DebConf10/TalkGlossary describes the idea of Tracks. This page documents the Tracks that are currently under development, and their respective coordinators.

Inclusion of a track here does not guarantee that it will ultimately take place at DebConf 10 itself; that will ultimately depend on the quality of submitted proposals and scheduling concerns.

If you'd like to coordinate a track that's not here, please contact to propose it (or, if you feel your proposal should be private for some reason, you may contact the talks team privately at

[edit] Debian Integration in the Enterprise

coordinated by Sam Hartman See DebConf10/TrackEnterprise for details.

[edit] Mathematics and Science in Debian

coordinated by Michael Banck

See DebConf10/TrackScience for details

[edit] Java in Debian

coordinated by Pablo Duboue

See DebConf10/TrackJava for details.

[edit] Debian Community Outreach

coordinated by Frank B. Brokken and Andy Oram

How do we promote the use of Debian, and free software generally, in schools, nonprofits, and government agencies?

Conference attendees will probably know the value of free software, so panelists should bring practical experience having promoted or deployed free software. The goal of hte panel is not to argue why using Debian and free software generally is a good idea, but to explore honestly the very real barriers to its use and how these barriers have been overcome.

See DebConf10/Outreach for details.

[edit] Media and Art in Debian

coordinated by Adrian Knoth on behalf of the Debian-Multimedia-Team See DebConf10/TrackMedia for details.

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