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[edit] Enterprise Track at Debconf 10

See DebConf10/Tracks for a list of all tracks at DebConf10. Enterprise integration in Debian explores the integration of Debian in the enterprise. This includes managing a large number of systems, automated deployment of new systems/services, federated authentication, interactions with Active Directory, replacing proprietary enterprise components with FOS approaches, or using FOS development to create new enterprise capabilities not found in existing solutions.

This page lists talks tracked as part of this track. Talks must independently meet the bar for being included as a DebConf talk; this page just tracks things that the track coordinator is looking at. We'll need to understand how long these talks will be in order to understand how to group into sessions.

The list below is not ordered.

  • 578: Using Debian for Enterprise Infrastructure: Stanford University: A Case Study
  • 559: Enterprise Infrastructure BOF: How enterprise technologies such as Kerberos, LDAP, Samba, etc can work better together in Debian
  • 556: Managing Debian Installations: using GOsa and FAI
  • 587: Puppet BOF: Group discussion of using puppet to manage systems
  • 588: Moonshot: Federated Authentication beyond the Web: Free Software as a Platform for a New Technology
  • Using Debian to Provide Internet and Computing services to Thousands: I can't find the submission; discussion with me and talks team about this talk. Discussion of how things like Puppet, Ganeti fit together to provide an enterprise solution. Also a case study, but probably non-overlapping with Stanford talk
  • Have been in discussions with Samba about a talk covering how Samba enables other components and interacts with things like Kerberos, NSS, etc as well as how this enablement interacts with packaging and interfaces between packages. Also, looking at Samba4 in Debian. Waiting to hear back on whether a speaker is available.

[edit] What's Missing

It would be really good to get some people who have familiarity both with FOS strategies as well as proprietary strategies, so we can understand what we're missing etc. So far I have not found anyone for this.

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