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[edit] Debian Media and Art Track at DebConf 10

See DebConf10/Tracks for information about other tracks.

We just started the track. For sure, the Debian Multimedia Team will present its work. If you wish to contribute, please do so and contact us.

The track might donate some time to a media production demo session, so users can see what's actually possible.

Topics in this track include, but are not limited to:

* recent changes in the Linux audio stack
* Pulseaudio and Desktop integration
* recent changes to the JACK audio connection kit
* FFADO, the driver for firewire based audio cards
* pro-audio with ardour, qtractor, calf and other recently added LV2 plugins
* status of ffmpeg, mplayer and other video tools, also covering legal issues
* video production on Debian systems
* recent changes to bitmap oriented image processing (e.g., gimp)
* recent changes to vector oriented image processing (e.g., inkscape)
* scanning images (e.g. xsane)
* consumer tools for handling photo, video and audio collections
* media players and mobile media players (e.g. amarok, iPod support)

The DebConf video set up could be demonstrated within that context as well.

Proposals chosen so far:

* (536, tutorial): Debian multimedia on squeeze: Examples in the field
* (545, movie): "Sita Sings the Blues" Screening and Q&A: An Artist Tries the Free Software Way and Wins Big
* (603, workshop): Debian as a home TV etc. management system: Getting MythTV and similar to work for the casual user
* (615, lecture): Brave new Multimedia World
* (616, bof): Multimedia Patents vs. Debian
* (624, tutorial): Audio review in GNU/Linux: Architectures and Applications
* (637, lecture): Conference Video: Herding Cats for Aiur
* (638, workshop): Hands-On DebConf Video Training: A Behind the Scenes Tour
* (549, performance): Do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps?: a live coding performance using Debian
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